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We are delighted to announce the winner of the Pink Lady® Special No.1 Competition....drum roll please!

The winner is Katie from Kent who nominated her mum Linda. Katie said "My mum is amazing! She is my best friend as well as the best mum and she deserves a treat. She works very hard and does long hours yet she is always there for her family and friends. She is the first person I go to for advice and I know that she will always have the answer. I would be totally lost without her and would like to give her a little treat to say thank you."

Congratulations to Katie & Linda who will be whisked off for a luxurious pampering spa break!

Thank you to all those who took part and shared your heart-felt messages and posted lovely pictures of your Special No. 1s.

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From: Cornell Parker

From: KathrynCus WillieNixAA

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susan white

I would like to nominate my wife who looks after me and our son. my son and I are both registered disabled and she helps every one else nothing is to much trouble anyone with a problem turn to sue she is all there to help,she has had a rough year she also looked after her disabled mum for a number of years but sadly her mum passed away this year and I know it hit her hard.

From: john lovell

My aunt

because she's one in a million

From: Margy pellegrino

My Mum.

Because she has 6 kids, works and always cooks for us and generally looks after us very well!

From: Carmen Aversa

Bernie Perrie

Thank You for being here

From: David Perrie

My Mum

My Mum has taken a 'bruising', a triple heart by-pass and more; I won't 'peel' off the details, but she's been hurt, right to the 'core'! At the 'ripened' age of 78 years, in her armour, there's no chink; in fact, she's sweet as 'apple' pie, a 'Lady' in the 'Pink'!!

From: Wendy Pearson

my daughter

She always makes me laugh!

From: molly Salt

my best friend (another) Sue

Sue is always there for me, she makes me laugh every day and life wouldn't be the same without her!

From: sue willshee

my mum

special like pink lady apples - i couldn't manage without her

From: sharon buchalter

my best mate

I nominate her as shes not only my best mate but my mum too , the only person who has always stood up for me and never judges - shes just amazing !

From: alison clark

My Mum

My Mum is caring, kind and my best friend. I ring her when I am feeling low or in trouble and she is always spot on with advice. She's simply just a great woman.

From: Zoe Corbin

My husband Peter

I would like to nominate my husband Peter who celebrates his 70th birthday on the 10th December.I am also celebrating 25 years of marriage to him this year and he truly s a very special man.Kind and thoughtful he always puts his family first and never spends money on himself but is happy t o splash out on me He has had a difficult year with an operation for a full knee replacement that waPainful

From: Pauline Crosby

My Girlfriend Sheena

I've nominated Sheena because I am so proud of how she has coped this past year after being diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Not only has she shown great courage and determination to overcome the daily battle she faces, she has endeavored to educate others about mental illness and help to stamp out stigma. She is an inspiration to myself and others. Thank you Sheena for being you. xxx

From: Elizabeth Haworth

My mum

because she is simply amazing! She is so kind, and patient and ever so funny! Oh and she cooks really nice food. :-)

From: Dee Raithatha




My Best Friend Joan

My best friend is so supportive, is always there, never lets me down, always answers her phone and knows the best presents to buy!

From: Elizabeth Wilder

Mark parker

Iwould like to nominate my partner. He is hospital at the moment so this would put a spring in his step.A goal to look foward to.

From: Janette Arnold

My mum

She is braving her illness so well and trying not to be a burden to me.

From: Annamarie Riddiford

My Mum, Rita Abbs

She's a wonderful lady, full of fun, always smiling and generous to a fault! She's the best Gaga (grandma) in the world and I couldn't have asked for a better mum. Everyone loves her & she's never had a spa day - I'd love to treat her please!

From: Jo Snook

My sister Sarah

Since we lost our mam 8 years ago my sister and I have grown very close. Sarah is a fantastic Aunty and my girls love her(in the pic) Their relationship is very important to us both given our mam doesn't have the opportunity to be part of their precious lives. Ive just found out that I too an going to be an Aunty with my sister expecting her first baby and I'd like to thank her for that. I can't

From: Jo Rice

ravi nathan

love you long time

From: ravi nathan

Jo Bishop, my bestie.

I nominate my very special friend Jo. Our friendship started on my first day of school when she saved me from the bully. 30 years on and Jo and I are still inseparable. We have supported each other through good times and bad, and I am sure we will be we will be there for each other forevermore.

From: Tara Clover


as he has two jobs and works day, night and weekends and he really needs a break and would be lovely for us to spend time together

From: nicola barter

My husband Andy

He has been such a fantastic step-dad to my two kids, he is always there for me no matter what. He is just a super kind person and I would like him to have a special treat

From: Eleanor Powell

My best friend Karen Bate

Because she helps me out with any parental concerns I have as a first-time mum and she inspires me how she copes looking after her own children, a husband, working as a teacher, moving house, father-in-law's illness and both her parents have died and she lives away from her family and me! I just want her to know she is loved and valued!!

From: Deborah Coupe

my husband

hes been very poorly but battled through still works, still looks after us all and still smiling , he really deserves a break and a smile

From: tiffany crawford

My Mum

Because she is utterly amazing, she looks after my dad with dementia and just keeps smiling. She helps everybody without asking for anything. I love her so much for being so selfless and thoughtful.

From: Jo Stanton

My best friend

Because she's my best friend, she understands me better than anyone else and we've always wanted to do a spa day but haven't got round to it!

From: Amy Gord

my mum

she's always gone out of her way to be there for me. Without her i'm not a whole person. Her help and kindness has made me a better person.

From: dorothy cavender

My girlfriend

Because she has been working too hard in a job she hates for too long. She deserves some special treatment...

From: Simon Woodhouse


she is very special to me and our children

From: Paul Cooper

katie moore

because she's my baby sister and we struggle through our massively dysfunctional family with the same jaded humour and only each other to cling to as ports in a storm!

From: tabitha bast

My Mum

She is always there for me and helps me soo much

From: Pauline Jenkins

My wife Tara

She is an amazing mother and wife :)

From: David Holland

my work colleague Joanne

Joanne has just gone through a very bad break up and i feel the pampering will make her feel better. She is such a huge support to me during working hours so feels she deserves this.

From: Karen Colquhoun

My Lovely Husband

Gary,Thank-You for Being my Carer 24/7 as well as my Best friend.You always manage to make me smile and Laugh so much,even when Im in Pain!!You So Deserve a Big Glass of Champagne and some Pampering for a Change.Love always Carroll XXX

From: Carroll Marsh

My Mum

My Mum – Linda Goodwin – is a truly unique person who always gives to others, but never thinks of taking for herself. She runs the local Mother and Toddler group in a village near York where I grew up and Mum still lives. Aside from this, she has looked after her parents almost full-time (Nana suffered from Alzheimer’s and Granddad has Parkinson’s). To add to this, my Mum helps run a local charity shop every Saturday and has raised thousands for York Against Cancer over the past ten years. Mum does all this with a smile on her face and a spring in her step. She has the kindest heart I’ve ever known and never expects recognition for going the extra mile. Furthermore, Mum’s battled ill health and divorce more recently, but this has never affected the devotion she shows towards other people. My Mum may not have cured a disease or climbed Mount Everest, but she has the rare quality of being able to listen to others and help them with her words and actions. She has improved the lives of so many people around her, never wanting for anything in return

From: Ben Goodwin


Because she is always there for me. She is my best friend even though she is much older than me. She is almost like a mum!

From: Rachel Medhurst

my best friend

i have nominated my best friend natalie she has been through so much this year her uncle died on cancer a few months ago, but whilst he was poorly she was at his bedside day and night, as well as running a house and family, her relationship broke down which left her very unhappy and she deserves a nice treat for being such a special person

From: shelly hollorn

My Mum

My Mum is my special number 1 - she has done so so so so much for me and I'd love to show her how much she's worth with a lush day of pampering! x

From: Beki Lacy

mary hales

thanks for your patients and good humour from ciara and mark

From: sheila o sullivan

Gill Potter

Hope you have a much luckier year in 2013

From: Norma McGill

my wife

2 beautiful girls later and you are still working realy hard to keep your family happy. Thankyou

From: Matthew Lawrence

My sister in law Katz!

My sister in law now lives in Uganda but tries to visit as often as she can. She loves life, but rarely takes time to give herself some loving! I think a spa day would be fantastic for her to recharge her batteries.

From: Shalene Shimer

My best friend

Suffering from anorexia is one of the hardest thing I've ever had to do. But recovery is harder, I couldn't do it alone and I haven't. My best friend Katie has stuck by me every step of the way, she has never given up on me, she has made me smile on my darkest days, I love her and if it wasn't for her, I would have given up a long time ago. So thank you Katie, thank you for everything. Xxxxx

From: Meg Jones

My mum

I want to nominate my mum because this year she has been amazing! I have been in and out of hospital ill and she never left my side she stayed with me every night in hospital! She is my hero always there for me and I would just like to say thankyou! I love you

From: Charlotte Wood

my mum

They love they care, they're always there. From day to night love or fright, my lovely mum is no1

From: Kathy Cakebread

My best friend of 20 years

I found lifelong friendship in the strangest of places. My best friend Lian and I met almost 20 years ago as first time expectant mums at ante natal classes. We each delivered our daughters only a few weeks apart and Lian has been my rock ever since. Sadly, we now live 100 miles apart and only get to see each other a few times a year but when we do its brilliant fun and just like the old days.

From: Sarah Parr

my fiance

because he has been with me through all the tough times and kept me smiling

From: sarah patrick

my Mum

Just because you are you.. what more is there to say..

From: karen tonge

my partner

because you treat me like a princess about time i treat you too!!!!!

From: Audrey Jestin

My mum

Because she makes me laugh everyday

From: Ellie Dobbie

My Mum

She's helping me at the most exciting time of my life... wedding planning!

From: Gemma Town

Julie, my wife and soulmate

After suffering a second brain haemorrhage in 2010 I was subsequently registered disabled, and was forced to quit my job as a teacher of children with special needs. Julie who is also a full-time teacher as continued to care, love and support my everyday needs, after my Support Workers have gone home. Without Julie my life would be nothing.

From: Julie Dodsworth

Tracy Hayes

Thank you for being you x

From: Beverley Leek

My Mum

Because she's my best friend and we have such a good time together.

From: Claire-Louise Jones

Jason Northern

for being fun, flirty and (not quite) 40 :)

From: Cheryll Hastie

my mate cathy

my mate cathy is a wonderful friend. we meet up in london and have theatre days together. she also helps me around because i'm disabled

From: kat pope

my Gran

She's not just any old gran. She's a "great" gran and actual great gran to my two children. She is my best friend, looks after all of us like a mother. With 3 children, 6 grandchildren and 2 great grand children thats a lot of problems and mothering to be done. Gran is a all round hard worker and even a fabulous spa day be a wonderful thank you but im sure we owe her way more than that.

From: Laura fowler

My friend Pauline mooney

She has worked hard over the last thirty years as a nurse for people with special needs, she loves the job although it can be demanding and she loves her 'clients'. She is very special lady and a great friend

From: Mary Thomas

My Mummy

My brave mummy has just undergone neurosurgery to remove a benign tumour. She is a single parent to me and continued to be there for me with love and support throughout her pain and other symptoms. I want to thank her and show her how much I love her other than just a big hug when she comes home. My mum's ace!

From: Chloe Robins

My twin sister Anne

who has been so supportive helping me look after my two austic boys one of who has quite severe needs.She has twin girls herself aged 3 and a 6 year old son so she and i could do with a rest

From: Hayley Moran

My Mum

because she is a Dedicated to her family and friends Always ready to listen Reliable Loving and loved Imaginative in finding the good in people Never mean Good role model ..in short, she's a DARLING!

From: kerry gibson

my mum

Today is her birthday, she always helps me out and cooks the best sunday dinner ever

From: sade toppin

My husband

Thanks for being so great and always looking after me.

From: Alex Apter

My mum

I would like to nominate my mum so she can have a nice relaxing time to herself

From: Rachel Freeman

My Mum

Would like to say a huge 'thank you' to my Mum who has been an incredible help with my wedding plans next year - with ideas, time as well as much needed financial help too. What a star.

From: Felicity Morris

Sharon Smith

To my great friend Sharon. The lady who never stops working with her two businesses and four boys and then her husband. You are always there for me when I call even though we live some distance apart. I would like to thank you with this special present.

From: Lisa Seville

My mum

Because she's my best friend, as the picture here shows!

From: Claire-Louise Jones


my friend Melanie who has supported me through treatment for cancer despite having had a terrible life event herself

From: suman gujral

my mum Marie Hamlet

Thank you for always being there for us all. For supporting us, helping us financially and being a free babysitter for all your grandkids and great grandkids. We couldnt manage without you. We love you and appreciate you more than any words can say. xxx

From: Rachel Hobson

my Mum

She deserves a treat and I'd like to spend some quality time with her!

From: Tamara Beckett

My friend Sally

Sally was amazing to our family when our sons were both going through treatment for Leukaemia. She was a shoulder to cry on, she cheered me up, surprised me with a spa day and a take that concert, was great fun and a very special lady. I would love to treat her to a special day out so she knows how much I appreciate her.

From: Pauline Lovatt

My Momma

My mum deserves a whole lotta thanks She works long hours for the nasty banks It's full of stress and regulations And ridiculously high expectations But she'll still do everything for me My sister my pops and all her family Need advice or fancy a chat She'll share all her wisdom count on that Last minute mistake need an errand run She wouldn't mind popping to the sun Dont make me glum pick my mum

From: Lisa Tighe

My girlfriend

For putting up with me for 2 years and tolerating my stealing the duvet, dubious personal hygiene and occasional dog like tendencies!!

From: Alastair Pert


She's preparing for the most special time in her life as she is going to welcome a baby soon. I could rely on her in every terms when I was in this position a year and a half ago. I would like her to know that she can count on me. I wish her the best. Love, Nori

From: Nora Fodor-Sipos

Tilly Lander

One of a kind :-)

From: Carl Brewster

Jen Davies

She has had a very trying family time this year and deserves a real treat for keeping it altogether

From: Heather Harris

My Mum

Thank you for everything and being there for me.

From: Darren Wallace

My best friend Liza

Liza I have known you for about 45 years now and I still love you! In all that time and through all the different phases of our lives, no matter where we live or with whom, when we talk or get together it is easy, relaxed and above all, FUN! We can never run out of conversation or ways in which to put a positive spin on life. You are my best friend x

From: Sarah McIntosh

My Daughter

She is a very caring person who would help anyone.

From: Susan Singleton

My best friend Eva

She has always been there for me when I have needed her. Now she's been going through a very tough time recently and I'd love to find a way of repaying the favour. I know she'd appreciate some pampering and it would be great to spend some special time with her.

From: Julie Sherman

My sister

My youngest sister at only 38 was told she had breast cancer, sadly we lost our Mum to breast cancer we were young. My sister has battled the illness for a year and has been helping the charity keeping a breast. This would be great to treat her for a change. Shame I can not choose two as my older sister also has breast cancer, perhaps if I were choosen they both could go instead of me. My no1's

From: christine Stearman

My dear friend Linley

Always positive, no matter what life throws up.

From: Jane Adams

My mum

My mam is the most wonderful, caring, supportive person I've ever met. She, along with my husband, was my rock when I suffered 2 years of PND, she carried me through that time and often tells me what a great mam I am. She's my best friend and I love her very very much. Without doubt my life would not be as full without her and I would not be the person I am. I love you mam x

From: Amy Richardson

My Mum

Because she is super dooper! (and could do with a nice spa break!)

From: Kathryn Lowe

My BFF Juliette

Juliette, has 2 children, she works nights, 6 days a week plus overtime, gets home sees the children to school, then shopping, cooking and if lucky gets a couple of hours sleep before going to pick up the children from school then its back to work. Her husband is poorly at the moment and she is carrying everything on her shoulders, she does this with a smile, never moans, she is great!. ~ x ~

From: Jacqueline Chang-Leng

My good friend Anna

For a few years she lives in London, although isn't noting her have it easy is looking around for himself.She lives alone and under the care has two wonderful kity.Works has heavy and far from the place where lives. But Anna is a tough woman and is never complaining. As soon as I need help, societies it I know that I can always count on her. the Day of rest and relaxing in SPA was in order to for neither with excellent award which he is deserving.


My Mum

My Nan, her Mum, passed away last year and since then she has been looking after her Dad. She is getting married next year and hasn't had any time to herself to relax and get excited for her big day. My mum really deserves this treat.

From: Marie Allan

My mum

My mum is always helping people out. Family friends or strangers. She is currently babysitting my 2boys age 1 and 3 years so my husband and I can have a 2 night respite and catch up on sleep. She has stepped in at the local village church as a warden. When the previous warden retired there were no volunteers and the church opening once a week was threatened . She has ended up as treasurer too !

From: Faye Pugh


Waldemar was working very hard for few years and I would like to give him a chance for a break and relax. He works in London, which is very hectic place. He deserves some rest!


My Mum

I thought when you got older this was your time to sit back and reap the benefits of your hard work. But this isn't the case for my mum who tirelessly works to help regenerate her local town she lives in. Working and attending meeting upon meeting to help boost the towns high street. She even managed to achieve a grant from a scheme run by Mary Portas.

From: Victoria Griggs

my sister

..because she needs a rest!

From: Lindsay Gemmill


My daughter Amy, as she's unfailingly helpful and a very sweet natured person.

From: Sheila Innes

My Sister Faye

She's always at the end of the phone when I need her. She gives great all round advice and knows how to use her wicked sense of humour. I'm proud to call her my sister.

From: Gemma Scott

My husband Richard and my daughter Victoria

I’ve suffered from a variety of sudden acute conditions and long-term illnesses over the past 18 years, but the last year was particularly harrowing as I nearly died while on holiday in Greece. My husband Richard and my daughter Victoria have stoically supported me, tirelessly cared for me, continually encouraged me and unreservedly loved me throughout all of the dramas, despite the migraines and grey hairs that I’ve caused them. They deserve to share a relaxing spa day with someone taking care of their wants and needs for a change. I love you both so very much. xoxoxox From Carole Croft

From: Carole Croft

My Friend, Esther Veerman

Not only is she a Sister on an under-staffed high dependancy ward and is working on over-drive where everyone is feeling over stretched, but she is having a tough time in her relationship. She is also battling a virus that is attacking her white blood cells. Yet, with all this going on, she is awlways there for her friends and family and will drop everything to help someone out. Inspirational.

From: Evelyn Armstrong

My good friend Jayne

She is always there for a chat whether its for laughs or comfort and whatever the reason I come away feeling happier than before I spoke to her.

From: Claire Nelson


thanks for being you

From: Jean Taylor

My sister

so that we can leave the kids with the daddies and treat ourselves for a change

From: Rachel Edney

Rachael Lambert

Rachael is such a fantastic mother to our four beautiful children - she deserves some 'special time' for herself - I'll do the childcare! BIG love my true love XXXX

From: Jon Lambert

my sister Sam

Thank you for being such a special sister but also a very best friend, love you xx

From: Julia Nicholson

My daughter

She's been single handedly bringing up her baby son since May. Her husband is in the military and serving in Afghanistan and left when baby Reggie was just 2 months old. He is due home at the beginning of December.

From: Julie Foxhall

My lovely daughter

My daughter Melissa is so amazing, I know I'm biased but she would do anything for anybody who needed it. She never has time for herself and I'd love to treat her and myself to a mother and daughter treat as she deserves it.xx

From: Donna Wood

my daughter

she's only 12, but she has been so supportive, when I was unwell, despite dealing with living separately from her dad - she's a treasure and needs pampering. She has a weight problem and struggles with her school work at times, this would really be a wonderful experience for her and boost her confidence

From: Virginia Baxter

Lorna Donnelly, one of my best friends

She is just all round fab! We have been friends for about 6 years and in that time we have had lots of adventures, she was at the birth of my daughter, a bridesmaid at my wedding and a constant support to me throughout it all. I love her so much and would love to treat her. The photo was taken at my wedding. Lorna is on the far left.


my daughter

shes only 5 months old and she love than ever me morer xxx

From: Kimberley Caruana

My friend

We have so much fun together, and I want to take him somewhere special. I want to show him how much I care about him, but none of us has got the money for something special, because I'm just a student, and he's receiving social assitance/unemployment benefits.

From: Ida Kristensen

My Best friend Gail

She is a gran of 5 and 46 yrs old.She gives all her free time to her children and grandchildren... babysitting,walks,cooking dinners etc, she works full time in a Hospice and is the kindest person i know!

From: paula rorie

my best friend

For making my year by asking me to be her bridesmaid!

From: clara bignami

My girlfriend, Frances Gourlay

Because she's cheeky and cute, Lets me win every dispute, And of course her favourite fruit... Is a juicy Pink lady... ... And she'd take me... Maybe...

From: David Read

David,my amazing husband

He works so hard for others- his patients,his staff. Never himself. Very giving and generous. xxx

From: Bex Hall

My Husband

Tom is an Angel and I don't deserve him, but I thank God that he is with me.

From: Dionne Marsh

My mum

My mum is unfailing in her support for me. Whenever I need her she is there for me, whenever I need a shoulder to cry on she is there for me. She is just utterly wonderful, warm, caring and dedicated in every way.

From: Fay Millar

My sister

My sister is a single parent bringing up two beautiful daughters, as with many single parents she has to be chief cook and bottle washer. She is also the daughter who lives closest to our elderly parents and she looks after mum and dad so well, and the best sister in the world !

From: Sandy Kent

Liz my No.1 wife

Liz is a fantastic wife, wonderful mother and a brilliant minder to the children of others. However these three jobs do leave her a little exhausted at times, she needs a rare and well deserved treat, and a reminder of just how much we all love her xx

From: Damian Smyth

My husband

Because he's extremely patient with me and he deserves a reward!

From: Rachel Sirotinina

The love of my life

For my wonderful husband, who I love more each day. Thank you for our amazing children, and our lovely life together. And for writing me stories to read. I Love you Alison x

From: Alison Brolly

My friend Amy

It's SCARY how after 30 years of friendship we can still have fun!

From: Katy Spence

My mum

I would like to nominate my mum, she has spent the last two year helping my dad battle pancreatic cancer and never has time to treat herself, she deserves a special day xx

From: laura foard

My sister Jodie

For being so supportive of me and my family

From: Victoria Rhodes


Julie our daughter in law is a real treasure The good she does cannot be measured An operation on her knee which did not go well It still giving her pain and making it hell But we still have our breakfast in bed each day Before she's off to work and on her way A little thankyou would go a long long way A Spa treat would say a bigger thank you in a different way. She's one in a million

From: Rita Williams

My mum

Because she deserves a break from work because she works soooooo hard and needs to be more appreciated for it. I would be very grateful if me and my mum won!

From: Rebecca Nichols


Julie our daughter in law has been through hell Knee replacement that did not go well. At 42 and so much pain, but still carries on, sometimes labours in vain. Never moaning and thinks of others We have breakfast in bed before we get out of our covers. A Spa treat would give her a thrill and give her a change from 'the run of the mill' She's one in a million

From: Rita Williams

Greta Langhorn

My Mum is incredibly special, not only does she take care of all the family, she looks after other people's children too. She deserves a lovely relaxing break!

From: Kirsty Norton

my daughter

because she is so good to me

From: Susan Hern


Thank you for all your support this year xxxx

From: Jill Todd



From: Kim Preece

our best mummy xx

our mummy tracey......who we love more than anything..on her own ...but doing it so WELL!!!!!!!!tamsyn and joshua...WE LOVE YOU MUMMYxxxxxx

From: tamsyn leopold

Simon Dolatowski

His left lung collapsed in 2010 then in 2012 his right one collapsed. Despite this he still finds time to help his elderly neighbour with her shopping/garden despite him getting seriously out of breath. he often gets depressed about his situation and i think he deserves a treat.

From: Lisa Dolatowski

Faye Collantine

Because she's a ray of light for me! xxx

From: Paul Foxton

Emily Baker

I would like to nominate Emily as she is my best friend

From: Claire Harmer

My friend Samantha Bodinnar

Shortly before Sam gave birth to a Layton nearly 2 years ago her mother was diagnosed with an uncureable brain tumor and her father became an unpaid full time carer. The strain on the family has been immense however last year Sam set up her own accountancy business enabling her to contribute to her parents bills and given Layton a loving home and endless cuddles. She is a hero in my eyes.

From: Helen Kennefick

Jenny Broome

Thanks for all your help and support and for always being there xxx

From: sharon Wright

My husband, Bruce Wiseman

You buy me flowers each week when you shop You make my dinner when I'm ready to drop You give me an early morning cup of tea If I'm really tired you just let me be. You keep the house running day be day Thank you love, from your wife Gay.

From: Gaynor Wiseman

My Best friend

because she is always there for me day or night (which has been put to the test, many times lol) she always gives to everyone over herself and deserves some pampering

From: Ellie Jacobs

my mum

she's a star, who's always there when advice and help is needed by anyone in the family.

From: dorothy cavender

My mum

A true inspiration all what we've been through, your amazing and we all love you so much! Stay strong xXx

From: Claire Roberts

My girlfriend

Because she's always massaging me and relaxing me, and it's about time she got the same treatment done properly to her!!

From: Darran Hickey

my husband

Because I am a bit useless, I can't drive, sew or iron so my hubby does all these things for me!

From: kayleigh beirne

My mum

I would like to nominate my mum, she found out last year that she had hysterectomy but during that they found that she had lung cancer. The news was dreadful, She went under loads of scans, chemo and radio. She lost all her hair.Then at the beginning of this year she had her results, which wasn't the news we wanted, it had started to grow again. I think she deserves to be pampered. Xx

From: Hannah Whiteley

jean mckinley

I want to nominate my mum for going above and beyond in her motherly duties. She stands in the freezing cold approaching strangers to raise funds for the charity I am treasurer for, collects teddies by the hundreds for us, turns up at the drop of a hat when I need her to let the plumber in and is forever doing my washing up! I love you mum.x

From: Suzanne mckinley

My Mam

Thanks Mam for always being being such a wonderful sport and a rock when I need you. You're the best! Love Anne xx (And no I haven't been drinking!!)

From: Anne Richards

My favourite Hobbit

Her boss is away for 6 weeks so she is in charge, poor thing will need some pampering after that! She works at a stables with 15 horses - serious hard work in the cold, wet and dark :(

From: Kirren Dharamsi

My husband

You are great

From: Susie Thomas


All the support over 20 plus years

From: sue cobley

My sister

for caring. x

From: Kim Willing

Mark Mills

He is the best boyfriend any girl needs!! Its out 10 year anniversary on Dec 1st!

From: Clare Moloney

my nanna

my nanna practically brought me up, she is the strongest and kindest person i know, as well as caring for my ill grandad she also cares for my aunty who nearly dies a few months ago and as well as all that whenever i need her she will be there for my and my two young boys. she is the backbone of this family and without her guidence and strength we would all crumble.

From: jemma bowman

my daughter Emma for her 21st birthday at Christmas

Emma Boyle

From: RAchel Boyle

jan gill

my wonderful mum,who i couldnt live without..i love you mum

From: suzy ramsden

My daughter-in- law

For being like the daughter I never had and for presenting me with the most precious gift of my first grandchild, beautiful little Imogen Grace.

From: Sally Turner


my very best friend!

From: adrian brodkin

my sister

she has just seperated after a 21 year marriage over an affair her hubby had for 15 years but she moved house took her 2 older sons and her 16 yr old daughter and a beautiful downssyndrom son of 9 and has started a new life i admire her courage

From: Eileen forde

My Mum

For helping me out financially.


My daughter Sally

Sally works with older special needs' children and at the end of the term is absolutely exhausted. I am so proud of her.

From: Gillian Johns


Wih love

From: Pauline Taylor

my friend Liz Jones

she does the driving to supermarkets where we trawl the aisles

From: Patricia Wiffen

Alison Livingstone

Because she's a friend with the biggest shoulders I know which are great for me to cry on whenever I need to.

From: Karon Sewell

my mum

because she's the only one who's always been there

From: Zara Heal


I nominate my sister Donna ..she is a very special lady in helping her husband thorough his illness..I won't go into too much detail as she would be embarrassed!

From: Brigitte Hunt

Helen Price

Thank you for everything you do for me - hopefully this is my way of showing my appreciation.

From: Trish Starkey

My daughter

She is the best daughter a mum could ask for.

From: Sue Obrien

My husband

because our house got flooded back in June and we're living in temporary accommodation but he's doing his best to make sure I'm happy. I'd love to say thanks by giving him a spa day and I really could use one too!

From: Andrea Goodheart

My Mum

I've nominated my Mum because she always puts everyone else ahead of herself and she really deserves to be spoiled for once. She has had some health problems this year and yet she tirelessly supports me, my newborn baby and my toddler and works tirelessly to try to make life easier for us all. She's incredibly special, a wonderful mum and a devoted friend to everyone who knows her.

From: Jenny Pattison

My friend Rachel

I met my friend Rachel when we had back-combed hair and too much black eye-liner. Now we're 40+ with kids and she's still the most loyal friend I have. Her life has been turned upside down recently and I want to do anything to help her towards the light again. I want to take her on a spa break to remind her that she's beautiful, wonderful and incredible, and that she's going to get through.

From: Lucy Marcovitch

Siobhan Renfrey

Siobhan, my daughter in law, is like a daughter to me. She has a full time teaching position, is bringing up two lovely children and has kepy everything running smoothly whilst Simon, her husband and our son has been stationed in Afghanistan.

From: Catherine Renfrey

My Wife; Felicity

She works so hard with additional needs kids and yet still has the energy and patience to look after our kids and me!

From: Darren Berwick


You couldn't find a nicer person,the daughter i never had. She has bought up two lovely girls and made my son a comfortable, loving home. Always ready to help when I need it so deserves a little luxury in her life.

From: Betty Pugh

My Sister

Both of us have had more than our fair share of troubles, she has always been there for me and now that we are both on our own, a spa break would be a wonderful treat.

From: Rita Jameson

Jack Wright

I travelled the world & found you in Morecambe. You are my 'world' now - thank you for the most wonderful (nearly) 20 years we have been together. You are kind, thoughtful and never complain although I know you are often in pain. Thank you for just being YOU!

From: Irene Wright

Tom, my husband

Intelligent, with macho (ex-Navy) and feminine side (knows about dancing...!), patient, kind; Tom is like a diamond and lights up my life!

From: Alexandra Cuckson

My lovely Mum.

I've nominated my Mum because she's a wonderful & completely selfless person who truly deserves a treat. Despite having retired this year she's still as wonderful & energetic with her Grandchildren as ever and they adore her. My Mum always puts everyone else first and really deserves a massive 'Thank You'! This spa break would be a perfect way to show her how much we all love & appreciate her! x

From: Rebecca Moule

My Mum

I'd like to nominate my Mum as she's always there for me with good advice (despite not being in the best health herself), and as well as being an amazing Mum she's also a great friend who I love to have a laugh & a natter with.

From: Sarah Siva

My Special Fiance Mr Terry Meakins

Terry thank you so much for being my special number one, you bring light into my life, your zest for life leaves me tickled pink. You treat me so well, holding doors open, flowers, chocolates, surprises; you treat me like a lady. We've had some hard times but I know that you love me unconditionally. Thank you Terry for being my man, thank you for loving me but most of all thank you for being you x

From: Jane Billitt

My wife

She's always buying pink lady apples Nd eating em whilst watching telly instead of chocs

From: Faizal Rawat

My boyfriend - Paul Austin

I have nominated my boyfriend because he has stood by me and cared for me whilst I have had some health issues during the year. He has helped make some tough decisions that have affected both of us but he has been strong for me. I love him so much.

From: Hilary Webb

my sister in law, best friend

She is generous, kind and loving. She very much deserves to be treated as she has continuing health issues from her last pregnancy and rarely complains. She is an excellent mother, nurse, wife, auntie, sister and best friend. I'd be lost without her..

From: Dawn Mellis-Fox

my very dear friend

She is a selfless person an excellent mum and has spent the past year growing her own cake business working way too many hours!! How she does it all and has two amazing children I'll never know..

From: Dawn Mellis-Fox

my mother

because I love her and she is my best friend

From: Carolanne Adamson

My Mum

She is always there and worriers endlessly although we are all now grown up. She has never had a day off work even when my Dad went through Cancer I would like to let her experience some 'me time' for a day. One day not being Super Mum and just being Mum although she will also be Super Mum to me .

From: Hayley Pegg

My husband

my husband has been my rock, my friend, my heart and is always there for me whenever i need to lean on someone. A very special loving, husband, father and grandfather. love you so much Dee xx

From: denise holden

My best friend Katy

For being my best friend for twenty years! For having me as godmother to your son. For always being there for me. For being an inspiration to me. x

From: Beth Thompson

my wife

she looks after her mum and on top of that she looks after me and our 3 kids never complains and this would let her know that we really love and appreciate her

From: Paul Martin


Thank you so much my friend, you have been so supportive for me, it is really appreciated. xxx

From: Pat Fairhurst

My hubby

Because he is the best hubby I could ever with for and an amazing father to our two boys. Thank you for being you! :-)

From: Silvia Chapple

Fiona Chan

She is a fantastic sister who is always there for me and helps me out when she can. She bought me a lovely coat for my birthday recently which has kept me nice and warm when going to work in the cold, dark mornings.

From: Diana Chan

my husband

I would like to nominate my husband, as he has been ill this year, leading to significant tiredness. Some time out like this would be great recovery for us together. He is wonderful and has been very strong throughout.

From: Angela Cross

Di Dilly

For all the information shared

From: Christina Turner

My Cousin

Without this crazy red headed fool I wouldn't have been able to bring up my disabled son at aged 16, as well as I have done. She has been my rock, my shoulder to cry on and my slap in the face when I've needed it. I often get praised for doing such a good job with him and if I'm honest I think she deserves some of the praise too.

From: Alice Baillie

My Best Friend

Lynn is always there for me - even if the timing isn't right, she's always got an ear and a shoulder. She consoles, cheers, sees me through tough days and encourages me on bright ones! She is absolutely the bestest friend a girl could have, ultimately my other half! Without her I would not be the woman I am today.

From: Samantha Fairman

My mum

I have nominated my mum. She's the best mum in the world!! ..She's helped me out so much over the last few months after giving birth to my beautiful son. This would be the perfect way to thank her.

From: Emma Darlington-Brown

MY Husband

Over the last 2 1/2 years my health has deteriorated, he moved house to allow me to be near family and to an area he didn't know and it is now much harder for him to see his family. Through this time he has taken me back and forward to hospital, learnt how to steer through crowds with a wheelchair and he has never once complained. When I feel low he cheers me up. I'd love to give my rock a gift

From: Ursula Hunt

GIlly Hall

I've nominated you for a chance to win an amazing time because of eveything you've been through over the last couple of weeks since Poppy's birth. Now you're out of hospital, you deserve some pamper time and I'd love to share it with you... you deserve it!!

From: Jacqui Seal

Jessica Scott

Jess has supported me emotionally, physically and financially during my protracted recovery from a nasty cycling accident and deserves to be spoilt for a day.

From: James McCormack

My wonderful Husband Paul

I nominate my wonderful husband Paul! Thank you for always knowing the right thing to say, always being there to support me and our two fantastic boys!! I love you.xxxx

From: Paul Harwood

My husband

He has been a constant support, especially with our son who has special needs. He is an amazing dad. He is in the army and has been very busy training and is now in Afghanistan, but we are still his number one priority. A day like his to unwind together would be great when he returns home. And look at those eyebrows, they need professional help :)

From: Rebecca Dixon

My twin sister Grace Judge

Thanks for always being there for me.

From: Jill Whelan


he is the love of my life, my soul mate and my best friend.

From: Leilani Mitchell

My Husband

Hubby you're not the best at jobs, You can't fix shelves or clean the hob, You're attached to the sofa when you come home from work. And seem to be obsessed with Captain Kirk. I know you're tired and need a break. But the answer doesnt lie in a mound of chocolate cake. But for me and the kids your love's never faded. Your the world to us honey from your special Pink Lady

From: Sharon Presley

My daughter Laura

Laura is a really special daughter - she helped me look after my five and seven year old children when I had surgery last year and always helps when she is home from university. She is now studying in Paris and I'm so proud of her for living and working abroad on her own. She deserves a treat.

From: Jane Steven

My Mother

As we aren't an expressive family, it would be a nice way to say 'thank you' and 'I love you'.

From: Lisa Jackson

my boyfriend Ricky

I am 22 weeks pregnant. A surprise - but a happy one! My boyfriend Ricky has been incredibly supportive & I've been waited on hand and foot. He even helped with the gross bits when I had the worst of my morning sickness! I had just started a new job when we got the news so wont be entitled to paid maternity. As a result we've been saving / working lots & a romantic break is just what we need!

From: Emily Gallichan

Becky and Katy Radford

My two beautiful daughters.

From: Linda Radford

Jackie Baines

While studying to be a midwife she was diagnosed with breast cancer, treatment, chemo, etc did'nt stop her getting a first class degree. She has just started at the hospital, but, the cancer has returned, now it's in her bones etc. Not good. She has worked so hard, never complained and achieved more than most. She deserves a really nice treat for a really lovely lady.

From: Alan & Kate Meager

My Husband

my hubby unwell for the past 5 years, recently rushed me to hospital with an autoimmune disorder. He has spent as much time as possible with me while also looking after my mum who is 79 and his ex mother in law who is recently widowed and has altzheimers. Plus he needed to deal with my business and staff and keep it running. Never complaining . THANK U my love

From: Kate Meager

My Mum

She is kind, thoughtful and always on hand to help. Mum is supportive, loving and will listen attentively offering sound advice. She is a fantastic Grandma and adores all her five gorgeous grandchildren. I am blessed to have such an amazing Mum whom I love so much and who loves us unconditionally in return.

From: Paula Vine

Phil Pemberton

My darling Husband Phil You have no idea how much we love and appreciate you. You work long hours and still help me look after our little girl, and help with the housework, because I'm disabled, and I have no idea how we'd cope without you. You are a kind, thoughtful, loving Husband and Father, and you deserve a relaxing day of being pampered. Love, Sue

From: sue pemberton

my daughter

because she isn't just a daughter she is my bestest mate

From: susan alison

my fiancee

she has came through a very tough time the last year,as we lost our little boy last christmas,she is an amazing fiancee and mother and would do anything for anyone,she really deserves this. i would love to see the smile on her face if she won

From: craig mccallion


Thank you for being a wonderful daughter. I think we deserve to be pampered for a day! Miaow xox

From: Lorraine Vaughan

My daughter Melody

She's kind, considerate and always takes time out of her day to text or phone me and tell me she loves me. She does this for her friends too. She is loving and giving and always tries to make me, her friends and the rest of her family feel good, even when she's having a bad day herself, she does her best to spread love and joy to others. She deserves a little tlc spa break in exchange! x

From: Christina Bix

My Mum

My Mum is caring, kind and my best friend. I ring her when I am feeling low or in trouble and she is always spot on with advice. She's simply just a great woman.

From: Zoe Corbin

My Mum

The best thing about my Mum is her bravery and tenacity. She has been through so much in her life, including being left a single mother of seven kids when my Dad died, and being widowed again 5 years after. She never complains, and is always there for anyone. She's never got any money because she will invariably give her last pound to someone who needs it. My dream is to be in a financial position to look after her for a change. I'm not ashamed to say that she is my heroine and the person I look up to the most in this world. No matter that I am an adult and a mother myself, I am proud to say that: I LOVE MY MUM!!! PS - She's not perfect, I know that, like the fact that every piece of advice she has ever given me, (especially in regards to parenting), has been 100% spot on is pretty annoying!

From: Solange Thomas

My wife

Because she looks after me and makes my packed lunch for work and my tea every night without fail!

From: Gary Roberts

husband, Brian

He is my rock and bestfriend and has been for 34 years. We usually go on holiday for his birthday in November but we are not lucky. Last year our holiday was cut short due to the flood in Thailand and we were flown home early. This year we went to Iceland to see the Northern Lights and the weather conditions were not good, so no lights. Please change our November luck.


my friend

She is an inspiration to all women. She is a mother of 4, a grandma, as well as a foster mum to 2 girls, childminder to many. she works tirelessly in the local community and is the founder of families together scawthopre which puts on activities and events for many families in the local community. She offers her time for free and nobody is ever turned away from her door

From: Joanne Humberstone

My Mother

From the day I remember she was always there to help, hug, give advice and dry the tears. She give more than she get back. Love you Mom.

From: Kamila Tywomczuk

tim fleet

for putting up with my grumpy moods whilst I'm on my diet. and for not even noticing I had put on so much weight in the first place!

From: cerys fleet

my sister

she's been my hero since i had my daughter. i couldn't ask for more.

From: lillian John

my wife!!

She has been an absolute rock over the past 3 years, she has not only supported me through having pancreatic cancer but also been a huge help to her mum whilst her dad has been in and out of hospital. Add to this 3 children and 2 jobs - she really deserves some luxury and time out.

From: Mark Storey

My husband

He works so hard for me and our two boys. He has to work away from home so is riddled with guilt. He has such a wonderful sense of humour that he has the boys in stitches which, for me, to hear them laughing out loud is one of lifes pleasures.

From: Susan Gibson

My Wife

My wife, Alexandra left family, friends, job and country to be with me. Alexandra is very special, and it is seen in every thing she does! I love her. I don't need any other reason.

From: Wilson Hanna

My husband

My Darling Husband, you take care of me in so many ways, you steal my heart with just a gaze. When I am sick and feeling sad, a smile from you will make me glad. Each day you toil to keep me safe, you deserve a treat at a special place.

From: Sarah Foster

My girlfriend

Because she's caring, kind and always supports me in whatever I do.

From: Ian Martin

My sister Christine

When my Mum had an accident and was in bed for 6 weeks in India, my sister went there to look after her for all that time. We so appreciate all that she did for Mum.


Darren Cimelli

Thank you for being there for me throughout this rubbish year. You've been the only one keeping me going and the only support I have now since Mum died. Thank you so much. I love you lots xx

From: Zoe Cornner

My Mum

She is the most amazing person I know, she has a heart of gold and has always done the best for her daughters, she deserves a big treat!

From: Candice Chinneck

Brian Surrey

He,s my hero


my sister

Because she's not only my sister but my best friend. I lost my son in a RTA 10 years ago, she was always there for me no questions asked, she's the kindest sweetest little sister anyone could wish for & deserves this more than anyone i know.

From: Vicki Macdonald

my lovely daughter Lauren

Hi Lauren, Thanks for being such a great daughter and friend. I really treasure all the fantastic times we've had! loads of love, Mum xx

From: Tina Saunders

My Mom

She's never been pampered or received a treat just for her. I'd love to be able to do this for her.

From: Jacki Hamer

My Best Friend

Marion is a good friend who has, despite being poorly for many years, always managed to keep others smiling. She carries on, regardless of how she is feeling, in a very positive manner. I hope given the same circumstances I could be as poitive and supportive as she is to others. Thank you Marion from Margaret Cooper

From: Margaret Cooper

My dear Mum, Christine Wyatt

Hi Mumsy, Thank you for being such a wonderful Mum and Best Friend. Lots of love, Tina xxx

From: Christina Wyatt

My Wonderful Mum

I would like to nominate my fantastic mum. At the age of 58, she has had more than her fair share of bad luck and bad health, and has more metal work in her than the bionic woman! Even now, as she has undergone two surgeries for cancer (one of them today), she is the most remarkable and upbeat ladies you would ever hope to meet. She always has time for everybody! Thank you my No.1.

From: Helen Mills

My husband

Because he makes me laugh even in the worst situations and he is always up for an adventure.

From: jeanmarie horwath

My wife, Lozza

She puts up with me coming home from work late, mood swings, grumpiness etc. and still stays sane and ensures our beautiful daughters are cared for in a way that enables them to flourish.

From: Darren Luckhurst

My Fiance

Since meeting Ryan my life has been filled with so many happy memories, he has helped me conquer fears I never thought possible and I would love to pay him back for all his support!

From: Cherylyn Waite

Jo Orr

for introducing me to a new hobby!

From: Caroline Collins

My mom

He has helped pay for my university despite being a single parent, she's alway provided for me no matter what and I think she deserves to have something special back.

From: Adele Bennett

my sister Katie

I would like to nominate my very clever and gorgeous sister who has just completed her masters degree. Well done Katie, now it's time to relax before the Doctorate ;)

From: Samantha Gillatt

my sister

because she helped me when preggers a lot

From: Saskia Rogerson

My youngest Daughter Elizabeth

Because since she left school at 16, she has shown determination and motivation to get training in Childcare, she succeeded in getting an apprenticeship last year and has been offered full time employment at the same place when she turns 18 on November 18th 2012. In a era of high employment and negative attitudes towards the young. Elizabeth has shown inner core and I am proud of her

From: rosemary sheehan

Shauna McBride

for being the most amazing friend and is always there for me and everyone else who needs her :)

From: Niamha Somovilla

My sister Yvette

Because she is kind and helpful

From: Elaine Millward

Beverley Garrity

My wife, Bev, who has been my most loyal and best friend for 35 years. I truly love her as much today as when we first met.

From: Michael Garrity

David ,my husband

Always there for me,in good times and bad, Wonderful husband, a a really great dad.

From: Connie Bowman

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson ceo of Haworth Cat rescue who has devoted her life to cats in need for the last twenty years, hand reared my baby biscuit withut her he wouldnt be alive, a friend in the true sense of the word friend always there for me and other people when needed and would love a spa treat as shes far to modest to demand any recognition for what she does day after day all year round

From: Isabel Jinga

carolyn my daughter


From: Susan Mancrief

Christina BIRD

In addition to being a wonderful wife , she provides 24/7 care for all the mobility problems which present themselves in our day to day lives.

From: Michael BIRD

Louise - Wife, Mother & Nurse

Louise gives to others in all her roles - Wife to me (surely pure pleasure), Mother to 2 children (demanding) & Nurse to her local community... Thanks for all your hard work Lou! Alex xxx

From: Alex Cole

Becky Goddard Hill

She stopped me going mad, she never judged and she always cared.

From: Sarah Atkinson

My Amazing Mom

Because she cares for so many people and forgets to care for herself. She spoils everyone and never spoils herself. She always puts us all first and its time she put herself first. She works with disabled children & cares for my older brother and my grandma too... whilst also being so actively involved in supporting local carers... Love you Momma xxx

From: Rebecca Pearson

Sophie Searles

For marrying me and making me the happiest man alive

From: Joe Searles

my husband

he works hard to look after me and my boys

From: claire thomson

my wife

My wife June has suffered with progressive osteo arthritis since she was 31 (44 now) and even though she is now confined to a wheel chair most of the time and is in constant pain she has been a brilliant mum to our children and a loving wife and I would love to thank her for being so special.

From: keith goffin

My boyfriend

Because of all the love, attention and support he gives me :)

From: Catalina Bere

my parents

I would like to nominate my parents and let them both go instead of me. Without them both I couldn't have coped with being ill. They both give me so much support and love. This would just let them know how much they mean to me.

From: claire moran

Jack Redlinski

Thank you for all your love and support!

From: agnieszka redlinska-kot

my mum

Because its been a difficult year for us all and even through her own problems she is still there to help 100%

From: Christine Proud

My Mum

Thank you to my mum, who over the last three weeks has had to deal with her father being in intensive care, making sure her mother was never alone yet still driving to work at 6am. Just lately, life hasn't been so great mum and I love you for being so incredibly strong throughout. You have showed me what strong is, thank you x

From: Anoosha Tadghighi

My best friend Sarah

She's a great friend and she gives great advice.

From: Charmaine Greenan

My Mother, Mary Hill

So creative and so pretty Not so much funny but, “Intelligently witty” Her smiling face lights up every room – Her cheeks set alight by a natural bloom, Mary, Mary never contrary Of doing good deeds, she never becomes weary She thrives on real-life peace, joy and love Her touch is more precious than the wings of a dove A helping hand she always has to spare Brilliant plans and ideas, always willing to share She’s a lady I wish to know more than any other She is the angel that defines the true meaning of “Mother!

From: Grace Hill

My Best Friend Linda

Linda is such a special person, everyone loves her, she has battled breast cancer and now she copes with chronic migranes but never complains and is always there for me if ever I need her. She deserves to be pampered! I love her very much x

From: Adene Stirton

My sister

Because without her my life would actually be in tatters. She has made is possible for me to return to work by looking after my kids (even though she works too)...she helps me with everything and I really would be lost without her. Regardless of the fact she has had her own problems of late, her husband just underwent major spinal surgery and I just think this is the least she deserves.

From: jane richardson

My Husband, Dave

Because he likes even numbers - but only the odd one.

From: Kathleen Goodship

My mum

Because you only have 1 mum and she deserves a special day for a special lady.

From: Jemma Taylor

My best friend

Viv has been the best friend anyone could ask for. It has been a very difficult year for both of us but no matter what trouble, major surgery or family stress she has had she has always been there for me with a cup of tea, a glass of vodka and a shoulder to cry on whenever I needed it. would be lost without her :)

From: Sarah Challenor

My husband

He's the best husband and daddy anyone could ever wish for and deserves a treat

From: Louise Smith

My best friend Rebecca

Id like to nominate Becca cos she's had a lot if stress at work and a lovely break would do her the world of good! And what better way to spend it than with me and some bubbly! :) xx

From: Louise Bennett

my wife, Linda

I have a terminal illness which is controlled at present and that alone is enough for her to cope with yet she looks after me in every way and also encourages me to do as much for myself as I can so I don't feel so useless. She is pleased if I manage to get dinner started while she is at work but never complains if I have had a bad day and have been unable to do anything. She deserves a treat!

From: Terry Clark


C-aring A-ffectionate T-rustworthy H-onest E-mpathetic R-eliable I-rreplaceable N-ice E-verlasting friendship

From: melissa cannon

My mam

Because she's my mam and she's great!

From: Audrey Harwood

Edwina Tattersall

My friend Edwina lives in Devon and misses all her friends in Sussex. She has had a rough year with one problem coming on top of another and a day out relaxing I hope would boost her morale. Winning would show her that some things do turn out OK!

From: Sue Cronin

emily spiby, my sister

Thank you for helping me with Liam x

From: sophie spiby

Kath hayhurst

Shes my wife and has to put up with me everyday. She does without a moan which is staggering all things considered.

From: peter hayhurst

My wife

She gives all her time to looking after me and our two children. I'm sure she'd love a break.

From: Phil Sowden

My Son

I want to nominate my son Ryan, I recently suffered a acute illness which has left me very ill and unable to do a lot. Ryan has taken on a lot of the chores like cooking family meals and has been so supportive I don't know what I would have done without him.

From: Ryan Smith

my mum

I dont see my mum much (once a year if i am lucky) so quality time is precious. When I see her she wont moan about been dragged around all the shops and waiting outside while i try clothes on. Also as I like a lie in she will make breakfast for everyone and cuppa then me whenever I get up. Also she will happily turn of any program to let me watch big brother or the like. You just cant fault her

From: leanne kershaw

my sister

Because she works incredibly hard being a wonderful mum, sister, daughter and friend, and with looking after a one year old, is in desperate need of some TLC!

From: Nicola Clay

my mum

My mum is 70 this year and she has been great. Its now time to give something back to her and a Spa day would be great.

From: A Robson

My Sister

Because she is always their for me and now I can repay her if I win this prize

From: Louise Dray

My mum

I would like to thank my mum for so much. She is so kind, always thinking of others and a great example of what a human being should be. She makes people smile, even strangers, and i'm happy to be her daughter. x

From: Rachel Finn

My mum

I have nominated my mum, as at 76 she refuses to put her feet up and she is a tireless charity worker.She works for McMillan Nurses as well as making cards to sell for Birmingham Childrens Hospital.

From: Laura Cope

My daughter Claire

Because you're my friend as well as my daughter, supporting and caring, especially since I've had a back problem and subsequent operation.I love you very much.

From: carolyn nation

My husband Nick.

You proposed after a week, just celebrating our 31st wedding anniversary - thanks for taking the chance on me xx

From: Gerri Tennant

My daughter

She is currently studying for her 'A' Levels, having got three 'B's in her AS's and also works part time. On top of this she also runs a home for her boyfriend and her daughter, aged nearly two. She is 19 and would benefit from some pampering time, along with her mum, of course!

From: Sarah Maunder

My best friend Jesenia

I've nominated my best friend as she has always been there for me through thick and thin.

From: Eloise Willoughby-Lamport

my mum

she is always there for my when I need her and even when I don't and I think she deserves something special xx

From: Catherine Rennison

lablakey -- lablakey@blueyonder.co.uk

Thanks for everthing lesley, I don,t know what I would do without you. Have a nice birthday today also

From: marjorie hogg

My friend Lizzie

She is always there to pick up the pieces when I get my heart broken and never expects anything in return. She always takes me in when I've got nowhere else to go and I am eternally grateful for everything!

From: Hayley Allen

David Flint

Thank for being my No. 1 every day. For being beside me for 26 wonderful years of marriage. For being a wonderful hubby and Dad to our grown up successful, happy and loving kids. Also especially for being my brick the last 2 years since by diagnosis of ms. MY NO. 1 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

From: Linda Flint

My mum

Because she is having a difficult time in and out of hospital at the moment and a spa day is just what she would need in order to pick her up

From: Alaina Gabriel

My sister in-law Lisa

I'd like to nominate my sister in-law Lisa who has been through so much over the last few months. You're doing such a good job looking after your boys even though things have been tough. I know alot has happened lately but things will get better hun! A bit of luck & pampering is what you deserve! Always here for you, love ya lots. Kaz. xx

From: Karen Jewell

Richard Poulton

In March I had a major op and was diagnosed with cancer which has spread rapidly. We had only known each other 9 months then but he has been my rock. Daily visits(he lives 1 hrs drive away), social secretary contacting all my friends, cleaner - keeping my house clean, postman delivering all my mail and tackling the tax office when I couldn't speak. You name he has done it - my rock.

From: Maureen Crosby

Louise Niles

You are a very special friend and colleague, your hard work and dedication to your students is inspirational and we are all in your debt.

From: Suzan Reece

My husband

He has had such a rough year - his sister died suddenly the day before Christmas Eve last year and I would love to win this treat for him as he is dreading Christmas this year.

From: Suzanne Johnston

My youngest sister

My youngest sister who is 39. She has suffered with Rheumatoid Arthritis since aged 27. She is always ill as her immune system is so low. She remains positive& is very funny &witty and takes no nonsense. She has 3 children who are really well behaved and doing well. She has been down recently as the medication she is taking is stopping her from sleeping well. She really deserves a break.

From: Cat Smith

My boyfriend Midge

Midge is always there to lend a hand or offer advice. He makes me laugh when I'm sad and give hugs readily. He's my best friend and soulmate who deserves a medal for putting up with me! Winning a spa day & champagne would be a justifiable treat to thank him for all he does for me & my two children

From: Helen Aston


Love you loads xx

From: Simon Benson

My Sister

You are a very busy lady but you are never too busy to take time for others. Always puts others first and leave very little time for your self.Not only my sister but my best friend, confidant,and companion. Love you forever xxx

From: Deborah Oliver

my mum

because always there for me

From: sarah tebbutt

My Mum

Because she's fantastic

From: helen sutton

Ahmed Rahim

Thank you for everything that you have done for me and just thank you for just being there my amzing husband! This is a Spa for two competetion from Pink Lady Apples and imagine if we win!! Fingers crossed :D Yours, Zahraa xxxxx

From: Ahmed Rahim

my mum

shes always there for me, helps out with childcard and in my moments of need

From: zoe dennett

my mummy

becausemy mummy always puts me and my sister and 2 brothers first she is the best mummy in the world and always makes sure we are at our clubs and were we are supposed to be. My mummy is also poorly witch makes her tired but she never complains .

From: claire speight

My wife Pat

Thank you for being my friend, soulmate, lover and rock for the last 42 years. I love you so much. xxx

From: Mike Ball




My Mum

... Vanessa Nash who works tirelessly for her African Schoolchild charity; fundraising, organising events, organising people, trecking mountains!, volunteering for the Citizens Avice Bureau, and when she is standing still long enough helping me out by looking after my beautiful son while I study. One busy well-deserving pink lady!

From: Taryn Nash


She has to deal with me so she kind of deserves it

From: Richard Wing

My mum

Loving and patient, she's one of a kind. A more fabulous mum you would struggle to find. She's babysitter, house decorator and a great cook. Putting others before herself is number one in my book. So I nominate you mum for a special treat. You are number one, and imposiible to beat!


My Best Friend Loredana

Loredana has always dropped everything to come to my rescue in my chaotic life. Break-ups, house moves, job losses - you name it, she's been there! To make me cups of tea, and turn my sad tears into laughing ones. She is my rock. I don't know what I'd be without her.

From: Tarfy Holtom

My Fiance

Chris has been working very long hours recently and still manages to come home with a smile and listen to me go on about our upcoming wedding and vent about work! I would love to take him away for a chill but all spare cash is going towards the wedding!

From: Anna O'Shaughnessy

Jilly Burrows

I nominate my daughter Jilly age 27 as my Special No 1 as she is beautiful person, extremely generous and very kind to her older sister Jemma who has Downs Syndrome. She is a terrific sister to her taking her out and about and to musical shows which Jemma loves. She knows I worry about what will happen to Jemma if I am not around and has always said Jemma will always have a home with her.

From: Alison Ferguson Burrows

My mom Sally

My mom means the world to me, she works full time and cares for my great grandad who has dementia whilst still running a family of 6! She deserves a little treat and some time for herself :-) xx

From: Caroline Price

Marie Welsh

Thanks for always being there, offering advice and listening to my crazy rambling! You're the best wee mama anyone could ask for and I love you loads! You're number one, you're number one!!!

From: Sarah Mitchell

my mum

because she has not had it easy bring me and my sister up as a single mother and i wont to give her something that really shows how much i love and appreciate her but as i am a student funds are very low, thank you x

From: ayla landy-till

Copper Williamson

I would like to nominate my Mum as she is great at helping me out on a weekly basis doing the guide run and giving my daughter dinner so I can get my son and take him to football - typically in 2 different places at similar times and couldn't do it without her. She is also always on hand if I'm ill and need help with the kids, she is just a star and I would love to show her how grateful I am.

From: Gail Bruce

My Mum

....because I have had a tough year as I have had to have a major back operation and my mum had been my rock. She has been the best and I cannot thank her enough :)

From: Georgia Ambrose

my mum

I would like to nominate my mum because as cliche as it may sound, she is my best friend who is always there for me, from relaying my latest shopping bargain to crying about my own real life soap opera!

From: Phillippa Quinn

My sister

I nominate my sister because she has had a really tough year and it would be excellent to beable to treat her to a relaxing day away.

From: Claire Leverett

My friend Sam

Because we love chilling out together and she is always there for me!

From: Zoe Casson

my fiancee

after a struggle making a new life together and then finding out that she was 22 weeks pregnant unexpectedly then having the most beautiful baby boy and thinking that he was our gift for our new life i got diagnoised with motor neaurons she still kept me smiling thats why she deserves this treat as a thankyou from me for been amazing love you babe xxxx ur j xxxx

From: jeremy hardcastle

My Mum

Because even though we had bad times she is always there for me no matter what

From: rebecca taylor

Alastair Ripley

Because he does everything he can for our family. And I see how much our daughter loves him, even though she's only 9 months old. A treasure.

From: Amy Ripley

My husbund

Because he is the best daddy for our little girl and a very caring and loving husband.

From: Paula Darley

Aki,my boyfriend

Dear Aki, I would like to nominate you because you mean so much to me, and want to thank you for all your patience with me,and helping me when I'm not well. Thank you!

From: Kirsi Norlamo




My mum

Cancer touches everyone & sadly did this year in our family. Mums brother my uncle Alex (only 54) was diagnosed terminal cancer in April this year. We cared loved laughed& cried togeather with him until we sadly lost him on October 17th. Two days before the funeral his wife my auntie dot had a stroke. It's been tuff &we often joke how a spa break would be perfect timing .... Fingers crossed xx

From: Vanessa Davies

My Mum

My Mum has been a single Mum for the last 6 years, and with very little financial help from my Dad, she has worked very hard in order for me to go on once in a lifetime trips that have been some of the best experiences of my life (Iceland, South Africa and Australia). I am so grateful for everything she has done, but being a student, I can't afford to get her the wonderful things she deserves!

From: Hannah Prentice

Carolyn Barter

For being generally wonderful and gorgeous!

From: Lucy Wright-Booth

my boyfriend

because hes always there for me!

From: Hannah ONeill

my best friend Donna

Donna is the absolute best friend anyone can have - always there when you need her and I trust her implicitly. Donna often refers to me has "mam no. 2" due to the "smallish" age gap - I don't mind though as no-one could wish for a better "daughter".

From: Liza Lewis

Laura Illingworth

Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry I'm outgoing, you're very shy, I'm a proud nanny, you're a new mum A spa break together would be fun!

From: Maggie Illingworth

My best friend

My Bessie at work!! Deserves a little break every so often Xxxxx

From: Lucy Handley

my Wife Hazel Mock

She is expecting our second child, but has recently been very unwell and in hospital, came home then had to have her dog put down which has devestated us all, as she just collapsed and was a shock. My wife really could do with something to cheer her up and lift her spirits. Thank you

From: Christopher Mock

My mum...

My mum has been a wonderful support to me since my marriage broke down. She has not only supported me emotionally but in all sorts of practical ways, even driving down from Manchester to look after my children while I went to a conference in Germany for a week - well above and beyond the call of duty! She's not been very well herself, despite all this she is always there for me!

From: Sally Kershaw

My Boyfriend - Steve

For being nice to me and believing in me

From: Amy Beckett

Darren Johnston


From: Bela Vopalecka

My sister

Because without her I could not manage, she helps look after my children so that I can work to support them, she is always there for me. This is along with her being a Community Midwife and helping so many others.

From: Frances Turkington

My Wife

For looking after me after I had my Hip operation for being a Nurse, Chauffeur, Cook, Cleaner, girl Friday and my friend. A wife in a million xx

From: David Willox

my daughter

when my daughter finished uni she had to work three jobs for 6mts to pay debts and keep herself . She still works and hasnt had a break for a while . I feel she deserves some me time

From: Eve Howitt

My Mum

She has been looking after my very ill grandma for ages and could do with a relaxing day for change

From: stephanie Buckridan

Brian McKay

My hubby is always going to be my number 1. I don't even need to second guess my choice. I would love to treat him as he is a gardener and I know how hard it is to work outdoors all day especially through the winter season.

From: Kerrie McKay

My daughter

Nicola is not only my baby but also my friend, we spend lots of quality time together. I am here for her and she is there for me, no relationship is more solid.

From: Hazel Winchester

Bridget Grundy

For being there when i lost my husband we are next door neighbours she also lost her partner five weeks after my loss,so we have been there for each other.xx

From: Pat Chaplin

David Campbell

As he has been working extra hard, long hours, everyday communiting and still being a dedicated Dad- never tired to his son requests and demand . David also pursuits his beliefs and try his best to provide to his family needs.

From: Maria Pakpahan

My Sister

She is my younger sister and has been through so much in her life from an early age. She has recently moved home and I would like to spend some quality time with her.

From: kirsty meredith pt vip

my best friend george

because he is a good persons who deserve everyones love and affections.

From: Joinul choudhury

My mum

My mom would move mountains and even spin the world if that is what I so wished. There is no boundaries to what she does for me .... And that doesn't make me spoilt, just truly and forever greatful. She is just the perfect mom to me.

From: Lesley-Anne Morgan

My best friend

My best friend Verity is a rock, both to me and her family. Her husband has been unemployed for nearly 3 years and yet she still manages to keep going & be the bright & vibrate Verity we all know & love. We are both 40 next year too and this would be a fab way to spend sometime together & be spoilt.

From: Zeata Graham

wendy lennon

for being wendy!

From: Carole Smith

my special friend Pat Barnes

Pat is so kind and thoughtful to everyone, especially her family and friends. She never expects anything in return and has a smile on her face even when you know she is feeling rough as she has her own health problems. She is a very special person. Love from Jean Pollard

From: Jean Pollard

Barbara Copper

Barbara is my best friend. We both lead very hectic lives so there is no much time for just us. Barbara is very special, very caring and really, really deserves a spa break. She is always caring for everyone else - family and friends - so this would be the perfect surprise for her.

From: Jane Wright

My mum

Because she is the most special,selfless person i know

From: Sue Walsh

My Daughter

For having my adorable grandson

From: andrea miles

my mum

Because without her i dont know where i would be -she helps with so much and is always there just when i need her.

From: sandra henderson

My Mum

She has been through a lot recently and deserves to be pampered.

From: Lucy Chatfield

My best friend Gina

I met my best friend Gina when we were both eleven. We have been mates ever since, there is nothing she wouldn't do for me and vice versa. She is also a tower of strength for her family, she has two grown up daughters who both have health problems and she does everything within her power to make their lives better, and always puts them first. She is incredible and never loses her sense of humour.

From: Jean Birch-Leonard

my daughter georgia

we never seem to have time to do something together just the two of us.

From: angela rattray

My mum

My mum is going through a tough time at the moment as she got made redundant in May 1011 and has been trying really hard to find a job but to date has been unsuccessful. Therefore, she is feeling very deflated but she never gives up so to cheer her up, I am nominating her for this. Despite her failed attempts to seek work, she is always there for me.

From: Rachel O'connor

My sister

I've nominated my sister because we have 'sisters week' twice a year when she visits from Mallorca, but its too long between visits and I miss her!

From: Hilda Hazel Wright

My best friend (and teacher) Linda Dale

She makes me laugh, she makes me think, she gives me sound advice and she is always so completely on my side that she inspires confidence. She is a brilliant teacher, a superb organiser and my house is transformed courtesy of her management skills. She makes me love life - I love Linda!

From: Kathryn Hipkin

My Mum

I would like to nominate my mum because shes amazing!!

From: Laura Mcilwaine

My Husband

Just for being himself, we've had rough start to our first year of married life due to mental health issues and when we have bad days he always reminds me of the good days and the reason why he loves me and somehow he picks me up to start again. He's my best friend and soul mate it can't be easy for him but he knows how to reach me... Love you hub

From: Denise Leahy

My best friend Louise

I'd like to nominate her as I couldn't ask for a better friend. She is always there for me even when I am a complete cow and no one else would put up with me!

From: Rebecca Murkin

My Beautiful Mum

My mum is amazing, she is 84 years young and suffers from terrible pain through osteoporosis. She is also full time carer to my dad who has dementia. She is active and fit despite her problems and best of all she never complains. She is mum to myself and my two sisters, we all look up to her. She is also nana to 3 girls in their early twenties and my 4 year old son.

From: Jayne Bellwood


Thank you for being such a fabulous friend - you always seem to know the perfect thing to say. Even though you don't have loads of spare time you always find time for people. You are kind, thoughtful, generous, beautiful inside and out!

From: Suzanne Hesling

my daughter

She really has such a wonderful carefree yet giving personality. This was put to the test when her grandmother , my mother , was recently very ill. She , my daughter acted and behaved so well giving Mum such time of comfort ... and then to me when she passed away. She is a real angel !!!!

From: Lyn Matthews

My mum

Because no matter how far away i am she always makes me feel so loved and cheers me up with texts and pictures :) She has always been there no matter and has always supported me in my career even when it meant moving over 200 miles from home.

From: Jade Lock

Martyn Benson (my husband)

He is always there for me and when I am not well he gets up in the middle of the night to look after me just like my late lovely mum used to do.

From: Rochelle Benson


Had second baby earlier this year and soon has to go back to terrible job that she dislikes as well as looking after two young children and deserves a break !

From: nicki hemingway

My Mam

She is there for all of us through thick and thin. She never judges us and supports us all in everything we do.

From: Caroline Spruce

My best friend Sue

Over the past two years I've had a traumatic time. I was diagnosed with bowel cancer and had to have a major operation followed by intensive chemotherapy, as well as my long term relationship breaking down. Despite having a family of her own, as well as being a foster parent, Sue came with me to every appointment and was always at the end of the phone for me or my children if we needed support!

From: Sara Turner

Michelle Clarke

Thanks for being you!

From: Carole Goulding

My Wife

I'd like to nominate my wife as she is is the most amazing wife and mother to my two wonderful daughters. She does a difficult job as a learning disabilities nurse and has been very stressed lately with work and i think a spa break would help melt the stress away and get her back to her usually bubbly self (the champagne will help too!).

From: Justin Jones

My Mum.

Like all Mums, she works so hard. But she really goes the extra mile to make me happy. Mum cried this year when I left for University. She's always talking to me online, there for me. And she's already started preparing for when I come home at Christmas! I don't know what I'd do without her, she is so supportive and kind. She tries to mother everyone really! She is my special number 1.

From: Holly Anderson

My mum

I couldn't live without her. She has provided so much help, advice, guidance, support, love and fun since the birth of my twin sons. She simultaneously sends me loopy and keeps me sane! She really is my best friend.


Eve Hands

Thank you for being a wonderful wife, mom and nanny

From: Eve Hands

Neil Turrell

He is my rock what would I do without a husband who does everything for me as I am a dizzy blonde. My friend, my lover and my wonderful husband.

From: Debbie Turrell

My husband

He is my best friend and even though we've had a tough year, his positive attitude is amazing and he always makes me smile. A bit of pampering would be amazing for us both!

From: Zoey Harris

My beautiful daughter

My daughter is lovely, always willing to help, works so hard at her school work achieving really great grades, but it has meant not much time for fun things. She has a wonderful heart, full of love and kindness, a joy to have as part of our family.

From: Fiona Howden

My husband

I would like to nominate my husband for taking care of me over the past two years whilst I've been Ill and under going 2 operations all the time being in constant pain himself with bad hips and also losing his mum and then his cousin within a month. He has just had his first of two hip replacements at only 42 whilst still looking after me and I couldn't think of anyone who deserves it more

From: Debbie Ames

my husband JD

Because he came from the US to be with me and it's made me the happiest woman alive <3

From: Emma Jackson

My daughter, Avril

She's thoughtful, perceptive, kind and always willing to go the extra mile for anyone. She's everything I hoped for in a daughter and much much more - and she's beautiful, inside and out.


My mother dearest

She's such an amazing human being. Even though I haven't learnt how to cook she has brought my siblings and I up in the best light! We wouldn't be the people we are without her morals. I am so thankful to God for her life and health and I hope he continues working in her.

From: Ama EnweremAmaE



From: CHRISTINE chanin

My daughter Jenny

Because she has been poorly lately and is now feeling better. She is a wonderful daughter and I love her very much. She deserves a fabulous treat as she works very hard and helps other people all the time. lots of love Mum XX

From: Margaret Gaskell

My daughter

My daughter works really hard at uni but she still finds time to text and email in between and skype every weekend. She remembers my birthday and mothers day without prompting and is a great friend and daughter.

From: ann ryan

My daughter

In her teens she suffered from bad facial acne and after two years of visiting the doctor was eventually admitted to hospital for a course of the drug roaccutane. Thankfully this worked but she is very self-conscious about her scarring. My beautiful daughter deserves a treat - and so do I as her caring, loving mum!

From: M Reader

My sister

She is my big sister and has always looked out for and looked after me.She is now 69 and I'm 62 and she STILL introduces me as her 'baby sister'

From: linda spevick

My best friend

My best friend Lynz has always been there for me. Through good and bad times even though she has a hectic life she always makes time for me and makes me feel good about myself.

From: Victoria Shallcross

My partner Karen Nicoll

My wonderful partner Karen, she has been there for me when my mother passed away. Putting up with the difficult times, showing me that I was not alone and that I can get through this. She deserves to be treated to relaxation and pampered. She is my rock.

From: Luise Tait


as she has been a very good friend to me

From: Nic Geldart

my wife

because she is my best friend and I love her x

From: Pete Eggers

Katie Snow

She is so special to me

From: Jackie Snow

my mum

i have nominated my mum because she takes care of me and my brother and helps with my homework all the time makes sure everyone is healthy i hope you pick my mum because she will be delighted

From: zoe young

My work colleague and friend

I nominate my low paid Deputy Manager. We work very closely together in the child care profession and she is totally committed to her role, often staying late and unpaid to ensure children have the best experiences and enjoyment. She offers me support and a shoulder to cry on stressful days and makes the sun shine again! She is an inspirational dedicated childcare practitioner.

From: Hannah Gallagher

My wife

Everyday she wakes up with a big smile on her face and makes the world a happy place for me and our son!!!!

From: Graham Morton

My Husband


From: Sandra Stitchell




My daughter

Because I love her and she will love this prize

From: Sue Pickard

my friend sue

she is the best friend ever always there for everyonebut shes never been on a spa what anice prize it will be for her

From: PAULINE hobday

My friend Anne

She is entirely selfless and giving. Despite her own health problems with MS she has always been there for me when my children were diagnosed with arthritis and more recently epilepsy. She always finds time to help me when when we need it and I am eternally grateful. She never stops to take time for herself and family and friends have always coe first so she deserves some 'me' time!

From: Lindsey Hall

My Mum

I'd love to nominate my Mum as she is a single parent who works full time, yet also squeezes in time to organise the annual Pink Car Rally, in aid of the Little Princess Trust, and has raised over £16,000 this year! She always puts others before herself and deserves a special treat! She truly is superwoman :)

From: Sophie Gray

My sister

She is always there for me

From: Anne Smith


Just been made redundant but he's keeping a smile on his face

From: Anne Mitchell

My husband

Because he works so hard and awful shifts to look after his family

From: Tracy Spark

My partner

He is so special to me my lover the father to my children. He provides for us by working so hard. He holds our family together and deserves a treat.

From: Rebecca Collins

My gorgeous mother

Because she is my rock, I can talk to her about anything and she is so patient with me despite the fact I drive her crazy!

From: Frances Thorne

My mum

My mum is a very busy lady as she looks after my nephew on a Tuesday and Wednesday, she works at the hospital juggling various shifts and her main job us taking care of my grandma who is 92 and still lives in her own home. My mum makes all her meals and looks after her house or in my grandmas words 'she is my angel'. My mum has had bowel cancer and has lost 3 of her brothers and sister to cancer

From: Emma Hardill

my mum and dad

as a treat for their 30th wedding anniversary.

From: Danielle Cowap

Tom, My Husband

Tom is a great husband and father to our four small children, Ryan 5, Conor 4, Niall 3 and Emer 1. I don't know how I would manage without him as I have no family living nearby and he is always a great help to me in the home. He changes nappies, makes breakfast, baths the children, gets them to bed and gets them dressed. He is always there for them and for me as 4 children are such hard work.

From: Siobhan Timon

My husband

He's still the most precious person in my life after 27 years marriage. I would love to give him a treat for all he does for me.

From: Sandra Clarke


Hi Lynn, I like to nominate you, because you had a very tough year and you have been there for me when I needed you.

From: Dagmar Lilley

Niel Barnard

Thank you very much for being the special No. 1 in my life. You are my Alfa and my Omega - you complete me.....

From: Aletta Barnard

My daughter

She is a one a million, Paris is a young carer of 16.She cares for her sister who has complex needs and learning difficulties. She also cares for me and I have severe brittle asthma. I don't know what I would do without her, she goes above the call of duty and never complains. Along with her caring role she also fits in three days at college training to be a hairdresser.She deserves a lovely break

From: Marie Turtle

Robert Macdonald

For looking after me and my little dog since my knee was crushed in June. It's been a long road but you've been amazing - I love you so much.


my daughter Kate Kemmett

Thank you for being a wonderful daughter, so thoughtful all the time. Your two children are a credit to you and even though you are so busy you always have time for everyone. I don't think I say it often enough - I love you.

From: Eve Williams

danielle inns

Thank you!

From: helen inns

My best friend Sam

Sam is an amazing friend. Having a child with special needs, she's always been there even when the going has got very tough. I met Sam just weeks after her husband had a kidney transplant and who at the time was gravely ill. She took me under her wing when I was struggling, and now she is struggling with a problem teen and will still carry on regardless! This woman deserves a medal and a pamper xx

From: kay hunt

My Mother in Law, Iris

My no1 is my mother-in-law, Iris. I have multiple sclerosis and two young children. Iris has both supported me emotionally and physically over many years despite suffering from osteoarthritis herself which at times can be crippling. Iris also visits her daughter every afternoon who is bedridden with fibromyalgia. Iris is the most selfless person I know and I am incredibly lucky to have her.

From: Stacey Etherington

My best friend Kim

My best friend Kim..... She is my best friend, my rock, the sister I never had.  We met on our first day at school when we were just 4.  Both crying and scared at the school gates our mums put us together, told us to hold hands and look after each other - and we have done ever since.  Now 36 later and despite a road accident, marriage, children, careers, ill health and distance we are still the best of friends.  She has had a really hard time of it lately with her mum who has been very ill and also with her job working with young children from troubled homes - Thank you Kim for being in my life - one thing I wish for my daughters is that they too can have such a special friend.  It would be amazing to spend quality time with my life long friend who I know will always be there for me. 

From: Amanda Marman

My Husband

He is my rock, always here to help me with my illness. I could not live without him. The most kindest man in the world.

From: Cheryl Edwards

Beverly Dawe

For putting everyone else first and being there for everyone

From: Joanna Dawe

my mummy

my mummy because i have ehlers danlos syndrome and looking after me is very hard work but my mummy never complains and puts my needs before her own, i would really like my mummy to have a little rest, love from luke age 8

From: luke touch

my wife, Suki

We have been married for over 41 years and I still love you as much as ever - even more!

From: James Reid

My Wife to be...

I am nominating my "Wife to be." We are getting married November 24th, she is so amazing because I lost my job back on May 2012 and she has not complained, murmured, or even hesitated toward our wedding. She has had to give-up on more than a few ideas that she has been dreaming of to be in her wedding. We will not have a Honeymoon, I saw this and would love to give my "Wife to be," this spa day.

From: JaMaal Dees

my daughter Shakila

Today my darling daughter is 20. She made me a proud mother the day she was born and has done so every day since.

From: Bisi Imafidon

my wife 2 b

Because she's always there 4 me and believes in me she's my perfect angel and deserves the best

From: keeley beevers

Caren Williamson

Shes my Best Friend and even though she suffers from illhealth she manages to be there for myself and lots of other people.Unfortunately as i am unwell myself i'm not in a position to treat her but it woud be lovely if she could be pampered and have treat for herself

From: Donna Still

My mum

She's an amazing woman! Over the past few years, she's had to deal with having Depression and her Father being diagnosed with Terminal Cancer, and then with his passing. She has never gotten on with her own mother, but has never let that affect the way she is with her, and will always look after her, even more so since her dad died. She's a great mum despite all this & deserves a treat!

From: Katy Lister

My husband of 35 years, Steve

he is my carer and really puts up with a lot, but never complains, is always ready to help and deserves a huge thank you

From: Susan Atter

My Best Friend Laura

We met at secondary school some 30 years ago,we've been through good times and bad,from boyfriends to husbands,children,loss of parents,sickness and health I suppose ! We've always been there for each other and every year leave our families at home for a couple of nights together to spend some quality time for just us,to share stories,food,drinks and sight seeing together. So thank you x

From: Emma Nixon

my mum

My mum the inspirational legend. The coolest wisest person I know. A real tough yet gentle soul who never ceases to amaze me. Loving grandma and wife. Not forgetting epic cook. I love you mum xxx Your Awesome!

From: James Torka

My mum

Thank you for being there when the days seemed dark and I was struggling. You were the light at the end of the tunnel. xx

From: Jacqueline Higgins

My mum

My mum for her support and thoughtfulness


Miss Elizabeth Jones

Thankyouf being a loyal twin sister fr 60 years.

From: susan thomas

my daughter abbie

My daughter is sixteen and as well as being a kind, hardworking girl, she is never complaining as my husband is chronically disabled and is always making us cups of tea, helping with the housework and generally being a lovely caring girl. she deserves a spa day as we also do not have a lot of money.

From: Barbara daniels

My Fiance

I want to nominate my fiance, Pavlina, for agreeing to marry me :-)

From: Paul Sharp

My daughter in law

She is wonderful with my 4 grandchildren and would love a spa day

From: Alexandra Ellis

My lifelong friend Lotty

I have nominated Lotty because she works really hard and has a lovely little girl called Gracie aged 5, but never gets any time to pamper herself. i'd love to take her away for a catch up and a night of relaxation.

From: Sophia Kearney

My mum Joycelyn

Over the past year she has helped me out with my two children as I suffered with postnatal depression after my second child and it was really hard to get going and she was always there giving me a kick up the behind to get me going and keep me going. Thank you xxxx

From: Carol Carpenter

My Daughter

She has been my tower of strength throughout a terrible twelve months, my husband had cancer, my parents I their ninties were flooded out of their home still not back. I do not know what I would have done without her, she deserves a treat. ,

From: Marion Couryney

Stephanie Rose

Thanks Steph for being such a wonderful daughter. I love you and just wanted to say so. How great if we won the spa day together! x

From: Susan Rose

Wendy Pickford

My youngest sister is so special, she's a rock to our family always there for everybody especially my disabled mum (who's got severe arthritis) and my othre sister who recently had a major stroke. Aswell as working full-time Wendy runs after and cares for them, never moans or complains. Love her to bits and this prize would be the perfect thankyou.

From: Stuart Dunscombe

My Sister

We both work very hard at our jobs and with the long days we do we hardly see each other. It'd be nice to spend the day together :) and she has helped out alot with getting my car fixed. I know its going to take a while to pay her back but I'd love to treat her to something now . I dont know what i'd do without her!

From: Tamara Stoute

Fiona Williams

Fiona is my daughter in law. She is such a thoughtful, loving person who has enriched our lives. She loves cooking and baking, and always makes extra so that she can let us share. She is a wonderful mother to Rachel and loving wife to our son, Stephen. She always thinks of others first and deserves a treat herself.

From: Hilary Williams

my daughter

as a hard working student who's never had a spa experience it's a treat she deserves.

From: susan johnson

my husband

He's made my life fun for 37 years, and hopes to do so for at least another 37

From: Jane Smith

Rebecca Oatway

Thank you for being such a kind, loving, special daughter who works so hard teaching and looking after young children with much praise from their parents. You are very patient and have a heart of gold. Love Mum

From: Belinda Oatway

My mum

I love you and i hope we win this spa day with champers!!

From: Laura Hodgson

My Mum, Carol

She is my best friend and has supported me through so many bad times in the past few years. My mum waited 14 years to have me and she lets me know she loves me everyday! Thank you so much, Mum, for everything you do!

From: Michelle Greer

Sarah MacDonald

my daughter who has just finished her degree course. As yet no job in sight so a day of pampering would relieve the stress of job hunting and form filling. We love her loads so she should relax and enjoy the bubbles.


my daughter

my daughter has been and still is a treasure she looks after me shopping and cleaning and a listening ear when I feel down due to suffering fybromyalgia syndrome and lately never misses a day helping to cope with her step father after he suffered a severe heartattack, taking us to hospital and doctors appointments when ever needed nothing is too much trouble for her

From: caroljane woodage

Lorraine Dove

Because i love her.

From: Karim Rahmy

My mum

My mum is my tower of strength she is always there when i need a shoulder to cry on, someone to talk to, someone to listen. Whatever the problem my mum will always be there to help. I suffer from bi-polar disorder and have really been struggling these past few months and my mum has kept me going. Please let me say thank you by taking her on this spa day. Thank you

From: Laura Woodward

My Mum

My mum is my best friend, I can tell her anything and talk to her about anything and she gives me amazing advise! She is such a beautiful person inside and out and anybody is very lucky to have her in their lives.

From: Nicola Winchester

My Beautiful Mum

My name is Mariah Arfan and I would like to nominate my mum! My mum has been through so much in her life; she has been a victim of domestic violence for a lengthy 18 years. At a young age, she had to come to grips with reality as she had an arranged marriage, which just like most arranged marriages, ended disastrously. With the aid of her dad, she was lucky to escape from her marriage and bring herself and her seven children back to safety. However, after this she suffered from manic depression, along with a number of anxiety disorders for a couple of years and I had never seen my mum hit such a low in her life before. Thankfully, my mum came out of her depression and decided to turn her life around and go back to her studies; which she had left behind as she had got married. She was hoping to get a degree and become a successful social worker. We were all so proud to see her determined and focused in life. The main reason that my mum wanted to become a social worker is because she wanted to help the people that suffer in the same field as she did previously, namely forced arranged marriages. She also used to attend local community facilities, just so she could help the community and get that extra satisfaction she was striving for. However, in the last year of University my mum chose to leave her studies and look after her dad as he battled with Prostate cancer, unfortunately, he lost his battle and the whole family went through more heartache. Furthermore, just 5/6 month after the death of her dad my mum was diagnosed with an illness. Ever since being diagnosed with the illness, her activeness in helping the community has taken a major setback. Due to the medication, she is constantly without strength. Even though she has health issues, she always put me and all my siblings before herself, and I would like to thank her by contacting you and ask for your assistance in bringing a smile to my mums face. She loves pink apples so I thought this is the perfect way of saying “Thank you mum! We love you” She is such a lovely, kindhearted individual and deserves much more than she has got so far. My mum is fantastic, has never given up on all of us when we have been at our worst.

From: Mariah Arfan

My Mum Linda

My mum is amazing! She is my best friend as well as the best mum and she deserves a treat. She works very hard and does long hours yet she is always there for her family and friends. She is the first person I go to for advice and I know that she will always have the answer. I would be totally lost without her and would like to give her a little treat to say thank you.

From: Katie Taylor

My friend Mandy

She is a great friend not only to me but many other people. She is always doing things for others and never puts herself first, thats why she deserves to be pampered for a day!

From: Audrey Docherty

My Partner

Because he is my rock, constantly there for me regardless of what happens and doesn't get much spoilt time.

From: Louise Carver

My best friend Ceri-Anne

My best friend Ceri's been through a really tough time recently with cancer scares and subsequently is off work due to stress. I'm away at Uni while she's living on the Isle of Wight so we rarely get to spend much time together. I know she really deserves something special to help pop a smile back on her face and take her mind off things - if just for a day. I love her to bits! x

From: Rhiana McDade

My mum

Not only my mum but also a special friend x

From: Hazel Marshall


...just like to say thank you for being my special No. 1 ....oh yes and I love you!!

From: helen haynes

my daughter

She has just gone to uni in Holland and is finding it tough. Would love to reward her with this at Christmas!

From: Philippa Davey

Kate Williams

She spent her summer working in an orphange in Kenya. Her two large suitcases were full of games, writing materials and fun stuff for the children. Since then, Kate's had her head down working hard at college and she deserves a treat!

From: Jacqueline Williams

My Fiancee

I want to say thank you for agreeing to marry me

From: phil clark


Thankyou for being such a lovely mum to me and my son Joshua. Even though you are in pain most of the time- you still make our home a warm and friendly place. I know it is not said enough but i do love you mum.xx

From: LINDA gravett

My daughter Caroline

I think she deserves a spa break she had a difficult birth with her son while at the same time her husband was seriously ill in hospital, she truly deserves some luck.

From: Jose Allison

My sister

For 63 years she's suffered in pain hip replacements again and again. A knee went then, more pain in her life another op and lots more strife. Giant-Cell-Artiritis was then to arrive No hands to use crutches, unable to drive. Steroid's the cure but now a weight gain her clothes will never quite fit the same. But, when you meet her you'll only see a smile and a joke – no wailing banshee! Disabled in body but never in mind She's an inspiration redefined

From: Penelope Harper

My daughter

She is very special, has a life juggling act at the moment and needs to de-stress. A spa break would be perfect.

From: Judith Brown

Katie Swain

katie swain

From: anne swain

My wife

She's amazing. Our son was born 3 weeks ago and she has coping with the demands of motherhood extremely well. She always thinks of others first. She still finds time to love me as well. I don't know what I'd do without her.

From: Stephen Wong

My Boyfriend

Because he is the one who makes me truly happy.

From: laura pivetta

My boyfriend

Thank you for making my relocation go so smothly :-)

From: Silvia Mariani

My Mum

My mum has had a really tough year between struggling to hold down her teaching job and coping with her broken shoulder. She broke her shoulder in 3 places in september 2011 and has to have regular physiotherapy to keep her movement. She will only ever regain 70%.

From: Frederique Thomas

my Sister

I would like to nominate my sister Elizabeth. She is amazing. She is mother to three year old twins Freya and Evie, who are gorgeous. My sister also works very hard as a 'Modern Matron'. She has recently been poorly which made juggling home and work life very difficult . She is a bit of a Wonder Woman and is inspirational. She deserves some pampering!!

From: kathryn fisher

sian sweetman

my best friend sian, she is the only person I can talk to about everything, the good, the bad, the ugly and every so often the darn right lovely! She knows me so well.

From: Tina Lockett

My Wife

Thanks for being the best wife in the world, the best friend, the best mum to my boys and forever smiling even when I am grumpy. Love you as much as I did when I first saw you

From: Travers Barr

My sister - Alison

She is the best sister in the world, been there through all my thick and thins.......I love her with all my heart and just wish we lived nearer to each other. She is my rock.

From: Fiona Minter


my rock!


My girlfriend

Because she's kind and amazing and I'd like to show her my appreciation.

From: Andrew Turner

My boyfriend

I moved over to the UK for work and was alone and didn't have many people, and he left everything behind to be with me and to support me and for that he is my no. 1, thank you my love!

From: Lily Phung

My husband, John

Because he has recently had a hip replacement operation which was very successful and he is now better than new! He never complained once and works really hard so a treat like this would be a wonderful thank-you from me!

From: Anthea Holloway

My best friend and boyfriend James

3 months after we met I had a major car crash. 6 operations later and wheelchair bound, he is still by my side. We are now celebrating 18 months together and he is my special someone, the love of my life X

From: Jennifer Meyer

my wife

Because she makes every day special

From: Ben Mills

my daughter

She works very hard at being a super Mum to her two lovely boys as well as having a job as well.

From: patricia martin

My daughter - Vicky

My daughter Vicky for being such a wonderful daughter & bringing us so much joy!

From: Bev Stephenson

My daughter

Because she's my best friend, we talk everyday on the phone and we'd love to win this prize and spend some time together being pampered.

From: Mary Yendall

My husband, Mike

He's looked after me for the last 8 weeks or so, following my shoulder surgery, and has been my "right-hand" or "left-hand" man for all manner of things!

From: Chris Oplocky

my husband

through thick and thin he has been my rock and needs to be pampered

From: tracey rollings

Nicholas Marsh

Thank you an' that.

From: Sarah Marsh

Penny Andrews

Penny has had a massive operation for ovarian cancer and months of chemo. Penny has remained positive and upbeat through the whole thing. She now has further health problems from being diabetic and side effects from the chemo. She deserves a bit of pampering.

From: Nicky Walter

My wonderful husband of 42yrs

He has been my rock. I was really unwell for a couple of years and he was a fantastic support for me. He shopped, looked after the house as well as nursing me and I would love to say a big thank you by taking him on a spa day as I know just how much he would LOVE IT..x

From: Trish Ashbridge

Trisha Davidson

Trisha who has been my 'Bezzie' for the past 30 years, was diagnosed with leukemia in May of this year. I want to thank her for her indomitable spirit in meeting the challenges that she faced head on and for her never ending supply of humour that has kept us all going during her treatment. She truly is an amazing person and a wonderful friend.

From: Dee Wick

Caroline, my wonderful fiancée

I'm nominating my wonderful fiancée, Caroline, because we've had a really tough year and she deserves something special. Despite serious illness in the family, redundancy (twice in a year), money problems and a car crash, Caroline has remained steadfast, strong and realistic. If our animals could speak, especially Daisy (our retriever), I'm sure that they'd all nominate Caroline as well !!

From: Nat Davies

my daughter

she is always there for me what ever is happening in my life

From: melanie crumpton

My Mum

Because she has to put up with my sister and me everyday. My sister is 11, and still treats the house like a dumping ground. She's always tidying the house, and constantly cleaning too. And not only does she keep the house clean and tidy, she works nearly all week, and has gone 2 weeks without a day off before. She's always there for me, and is supportive of all of my choices.

From: Nelly Brooks

my boyfriend

Malcolm my lovely fella has cancer yet he still works all the hours god sends, his meds make him so ill, but he wont take time off work, hes constantly doing his own shifts and covering others wen they call in sick

From: angela atkins

my daughter Tasha

She's my "Pink Lady", a lovely caring person, a student midwife, always goes the 'extra mile' for her 'mums' and her family. She's just recovering from an emergency appendectomy, so a spa break would be wonderful!

From: Sue Matejtschuk

My fantastic wife Delphine

She's so attentive to the quality of our family life!

From: Arnaud de Bienassis


because your'e the love of my life

From: Angus Flockhart

my mum

shes always there for me to help me out and dedicates her life to her family even though she struggles in pain she is my world and my rock

From: sarah bourner

My Best Friend

My best freind lost her Mum a year ago tomorrow to the big C. She was only 25 years old and this was days before her 26th Birthday. She is one of the strongest people I know, having no other immediate family it was just her and her mum! She was only 11 when her mum was first diagnosed, and spent all them years being brave! She deserves a treat and to be shown she is loved <3

From: Emma Thompson

my sister

my sister Laura as shes always there for me to have fun with & supports everything i do, blood is definately thicker than water & i hope we grow old together enjoying girly day outs and family time.

From: tamalyn roberts




my mum

After operation on both her feet and being housebound for over 8 weeks mum has still been cheery and never once been down. She really is an inspiration to me and never lets anything get on top of her even when the going is tough. her motto is smile and carry on there are always others were off.

From: lisa williams

My sister in law

I would like to nominate my sister in law Ang, she is just like my sister as I have known her for 30 years. When my mum died in 2008 aged 61 Ang really looked after me. Mum used to spoil me at Christmas and my first one without her was so hard, Ang filled a sack full of presents for me to cheer me up. She is always there to talk to and is such a lovely kind person and works so hard in her job.

From: Tracey Whelan

my husband

for making me laugh!

From: Natalia Sapuntsova

My mum

She's always there for me, she listens, loves and laughs, gives me great of advice, and she's not only a mum, she is my best friend.

From: katie herman

My Mum (Kathleen Luff)

For being a wonderful parent, Blades supporter and Grandma!

From: Theresa Luff

Hilda Molavi

Hello Babes, Fingers crossed for this!

From: Hilda Molavi

My beautiful and strong Mum.

I am nominating my Mum because words won't do justice for how amazing I think she is. A few months ago we lost my Gran - my Mum's Mum. The 3 of us were very close and losing Gran has been so hard but it's bought me and Mum even closer together. It's made me realise how special she is and how incredible she is as a woman, mother, wife and grandmother herself. She most defiantly deserves a spa!

From: Louisa Harrison

Claire Wilkinson

Because of the illnesses we have both had to go through, ourselves and our children and i think we both deserve a break, she is the most kindest and generous person you will ever meet.

From: Clare Parker

My husband

He is a wonderful dad, patient, loving and kind. He is what I had always been looking for!

From: olivia kirby

My Mum

I nominate my mum because every day of every week she wakes up and cooks full English breakfasts for residents of her 9 bedroom bed and breakfast, she then goes on to clean all of those rooms, washing towels and bedding then making all the beds again - she never gets a day off - and I think she deserves a day off and some pampering!!!

From: Helen Wolstenholme


Patient, listens, puts up with me - you deserve a break!

From: lynn williams

My Mum

She is always willing to go the extra mile for anyone and never stops. She is now a 1st time Nan and really deserves a break with the constant back and forth looking after the little one

From: Alexis Cormano

Alison Lowe

Just wanted to say Thankyou to the best mum in the world. Since Dad died she's been so supportive and is always there when i need her. I would love her to win just to show how much she's appriciated xxx

From: Kelly Lowe

My Mum

She does everything for me and I would like to treat her

From: Laura Sheridan

my sister in law

I would like to put forward a nomination for a great sister in law, always there to help everyone, great for advise, and she works her finger to the bone, she deserves some me time.

From: Tammy brett

My best friend Alison

My best friend Alison who has been there for me throughout my ups and downs with Multiple Sclerosis. She rocks!!

From: Vicki Jackson

My Wife

When I lost my job, my wife, who had been a housemum for 15 years uypdated her C V and found a job to support our family, this was despite the fact that she had been suffering from depression brought on by our youngest child. I cannot thank her enough and love her so much as she has stood by us all and provided the stability for me to secure a new role after 8 months out of work. You deserve it.

From: John Dale

My Mum

as she is my best mate and an amazing Mum who could do with a lovely treat

From: wendy stanger

My friend Suky


From: Richard Boughey

My Mum Kathleen

You are always there for me even through your own difficult times over the last year xx

From: Marlyn Connal


I'd like to nominate Mel because she loves pink lady apples and is a special friend who deserves some pampering...

From: Naomi Dowding-Smith

My Best friend Joan

Shes always comes over and sticks the kettle on. Best cup of tea maker ever and is always there for me. Couldn't ask for a better friend!!

From: misha hunte

my friend clare parker

she has been through so much over last few years, i have too, we both deserve a nice pampering day xx

From: claire wilkinson

My Friend Kaya

For being around and making me laugh when work gets too much!

From: Beatrice Tripp

My wife, Ross.

She has loved me and looked after me for over 37 years. She deserves a special treat.

From: Roy Howes

My mother pat

She is the best most amazing mum in the world! She is my best friend and cant live without her.

From: Lauren Davies

My bestest friendling nicola

Just cos she deserves it!! She's an amazing friend and mum!! Nicola is completely crazy, but totally loyal. Xx

From: Heleena Mcwilliam

my wife, Tracy Basger

Just because I love you, and you deserve it.

From: Jonathan Basger

My Mum

My mum as she is always there for me and takes the time out to help. She also does lots of fund raising for the local hospital she works at.

From: Rosemary Drummond

My Mum

My Mum is the best, she's put up with so much from my sister and me over the years, and it would be lovely to treat her with a special gift

From: Louise Tuffs

My Momma

She's the funnest mum ever! And she's always there for me even though her health is not good. She's a great Nana to my son and if i EVER need a glass of wine and a giggle, she's there for me. Go MOMMA! ♥

From: Jess Palmer

My girlfirend, Charlie

There was a girl called Charlie B, Her heart was as big as the sea, She helped in tough times, and doesn't often whine, And she deserves this way more than me!

From: Daniel Woosnam

My daughter Sarah

Because she is so kind to me. Just that.

From: Oonagh-Patricia Wood

My Mum

At age ( well better not say), she's still popping out kids, working, looking after me and my brother, holding the family together, cooking our meals, being loving and supporting therefore she needs to know how truly amazing she is.

From: Sophie Grayling

My sister, Nicola

Because as sisters go you couldn't get better and as friends go she is unbeatable. We've had more good times together than most married couples and it's lasted the past 40 years with no arguements. She's been there through thick and thin and when boyfriends dumped me she was always there to pick up the pieces. life without her would be unbearable. I love her so much.

From: Tina Cleveland

Tina Cleveland

Because shes not just my sister shes my all time best friend. Always there through the good and bad times and always there to share a secret with. I can't think of a better person to be friends with. I love her to bits

From: Nicola Jones

my mum

I've nominated my mummy because she is the best person i have ever met and she is all i could ever ask for! She has given up her whole life for me and my 6 other siblings. She really deserves a break and she has had a hard time over the past couple of years. She would really appreciate it and i would just love to give her something back for all that she has done! :) xxx

From: niamh Lennon

My Mum

I'd like to nominate my Mum, Liz, as life often gets her in a tizz, She works long hours all through the day, Which often leaves her little time to play, So rewarding my Mum would be a great treat, She would be extremely content on a yummy retreat, If she won the chance to Indulge in a luxury spa, That'd definitely make me the best daughter by far!

From: Anna Moss

My sister, Linda

My sister, Linda, needs a break - and so do I! Like two apples from the same tree, we have weathered many storms together. We even created a couple between ourselves (but they blew over!) In 2001, just as we blossomed into motherhood, I was plucked from her side and went off to the USA. 11 years apart, 5 kids between us, and we need some sister time to reconnect. Let's start with a spa weekend!

From: Sarah Hallett

My Little Sister Helen

I have recently had my tonsils out, i know you might think 'so what' but at 27 it is not a walk in the park, especially when you are terrified of hospitals like i am! My younger sister Helen, 25, took time off work to nurse me back to health and also make sure my Husband and two year old son managed to get up, get dressed and get fed without me there to run the house! She's one of a kind!

From: Laura Kirkbright

Joanne grobbelaar

Jo is a super friend, an altogether bright and sparkly person and thoroughly deserves a bit of lovely pampering.

From: Faye Pym

Lauren Barley

For being the hardest working PR who always puts herself out for others.

From: Fiona Brennan



From: louise taylor

My mum

I would nominate my mum as she deserves a really lovely treat and some time to relax and unwind from a really stressful 18 months,sadly she is going through a painful divorce from my dad after 41 years of marriage,so i think this would help just a little

From: fiona Harris

my friend Helen

Knowing that she's at the end of the phone helps me get through the day when things get difficult looking after an elderly mother-in-law with dementia and an active toddler.

From: Rowena Love

My Mum

As she has just finished her treatment for breast and bladder cancer and she deserves a pampering session after all she has been through.

From: Julie McEwan

My Mum

I'd like to nominate my Mum as I came out of her tum. My Mum is amazing and set's a trail a blazing. She's kind and caring and very sharing. I love her lots even though I can drive her pots. This is why I love you as your are so true. One in a million, no make that a trillion.

From: Louise Rowe

My sister

My sister is currently going through hell and is having to undergo an operation, despite this she remains positive and is always there for everyone else, she's had a number of knock backs but continues to persevere. My sister is my inspiration, a shoulder to cry on, my confidant, my best friend and I would love nothing more than to win this for her. She always puts others first- now it's her turn!

From: Lauren Cavill

my amazing sister, Holly

Back in May my sister gave birth at 26 weeks to her beautiful baby boy, Sebastian. She spent everyday with him for 3 months in hospital in the neonatal unit while he became strong enough to go home. He is doing so well and now at home with his mum and dad. Not only is she a fantastic mum but she is also fundraising by running a 10k race this month to raise money for the neonatal unit!

From: Lucy Hughes

My best Friend Aimee

Aimee and I have now been best friends for over ten years. We have been through absolute hell and back, both of us, and regardless of what time of night it is, whether its big or small, I can always rely on her to be there for me. Last night she called me from her studies in Canada to talk for ages because I felt down! I have health problems, and have no idea how I could have coped without her.

From: Erika-Maye Davies

my mum

as shes had alot of family issues that have been very upsetting and stressful and she needs a relaxing pamper day to unwind.


My mum

I want to nominate my mum because she needs a break from the little kids at home and have a relaxing day out to the spa

From: Olivia Dagley


Thank you Mabel for working so hard, particularly over the last two years. As well as a very demanding day job, you're studying for an MBA and looking after our lovely bubba. Thank you, I love you xxx

From: m mac

My Mum

My mum is an amazing woman, who throughout everything that is going on in her life and all the challenges she faces always thinks of everyone else. She has done so much for me since my own daughter was born that it's time to give something back, this would be perfect!!

From: Bethany Bailey

My Wife

She's the best

From: Sam Thiagaraj

My best friend Kerry.

Kerry and I have been friends since primary school and in fact, we are about to celebrate 25 years of friendship, despite now living hundreds of miles apart, we talk every week and are as close as ever. A spa break would be a wonderful way to celebrate our 'silver anniversary'

From: Dianne MacKenzie

My fabulous big sister Claire

She has always made me feel special, she is so kind, caring and compassionate. It fills me with joy to see how much she loves my children too, she is a fantastic Auntie. She loves me completely and I love her completely too.

From: Michelle Riley

My Mom

Because my mom will be always by my side EVER!

From: Engiola Duda

My best friend Kate

Last week I came home after spending 3 months in hospital. Kate is always there for me despite being poorly herself, whether it's a phonecall at 1am during a bad night, a cheerful card or little parcel being delivered or text messaged when I was too ill to be able to reply. I can't think of anyone who deserves a lovely spa trip than my best mate Kate! ---- Kate and I run the charity Post Pals (www.postpals.co.uk), every year we hold a party for seriously ill children and their families, the photo is of Kate and I after the families had gone home http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v192/vikkilouise/6053055bbf03ca58d6ed516f48bda37b.jpg

From: V George

Peter Shurmur

I'd like to nominate my husband as he's just...such a hard worker, supportive, a really great Dad and the love of my life. I look forward to growing old and grey with him :)

From: Sharon Shurmur

my partner Brendan

As new parents to a gorgeous 8 month old boy, my partner has been my rock. I had preeclampsia while pregnant, was induced and had a difficult birth. Brendan was there every step of the way, supporting me and making sure we were both loved and cared for. He has fed, changed, and loved our son while at the same time building our new home and working full time. He definitely needs the spa break!!

From: Beatriz Ayala

My good friend, Jalini.

As I really think she needs a break from being Mum all the time and have some nice girlie time together. Big hugs, Lou

From: Louella Fernandez

My Mum

Even though you have looked death in the eye twice, but fought every step of the way - I would like to say thank you for being there for me, just as I am here for you. I would love you to have the opportunity to be pampered.


My Mum

Because you have always been there for us and we all love you loads,and with all you are going through with your Heart problems you deserve a good relax and a pamper xxxxx

From: Amanda McDonnell

Anne Thomas

for being not just a wonderful mother in law but also a caring friend and beautiful human being.

From: Lya Thomas

My partner Sam

She works non stop to make sure we scrape the pennies together to pay for the house and children, without much time for taking a break, is always trying to think of ways to inspire the girls with their creative projects and making sure they are happy. And I know she is tired and would love love love this!

From: Nick Urwin

Stephen Gray

My son has taken care of everything I can't face since my husband died last year and he has got me involved in all sorts of things I never thought I could do

From: Samantha Gray

my mother-in-law

my mother-in-law who has taken care of everything whilst I've been undergoing cancer treatment

From: Stephanie Gray

My Mum

She's a Lady tickled pink A ship to never sink A real diamond in the rough To fight the thick and tough With us lot she's hampered So let's get her pampered A nice trip to a spa Or how bout a brand new car?

From: David Fuentes

My Mum

I would LOVE to nominate my very deserving Mum. She has been through a traumatic year, firstly losing her Mother in February, and recently losing My Father, her Life long partner, after a very short battle with Cancer. She dedicated her every minute to care for my Dad, sacrificing work hours and dropping everything to fulfil his wish of staying at home before he passed. She deserves it!

From: Rachel Cliff

Paul de Vries

You make my days and nights not only easier but brighter even in the darkest times. You are my no1, partner in crime and best friend. You're always around to lift me up when i am down and give me a helping hand when i needed most. you put your family first and we love you more than the world. you work so hard at your job and at home you deserve a break! thank you!!

From: Cindi de Vries

my bestest friend Becky

Becky is my amazing, gorgeous, lovely friend who is also a fab mummy. As we live too far apart we don't get to see enough of each other so if we won I'd like to share the prize with her!

From: steph curtis

My mum

For putting up with me and my morning sickness for the past few months, and just generally always being there and supportive to me.

From: Victoria Norris

Lisa Latifi

I would like to nominate my best friend Lisa who has helped me throug a very difficult year. She is always there for me and always puts a smile on my face.

From: Lisa Charman

My sister

Because is the best sis ever! Thanks

From: Leticia Vela

my dear friend Rachel

Because we have promised ourselves a trip to a hotal and spa now the children are getting a bit older - neither of us have ever done anything like that before and we'd totally love it

From: Clare Toyne

My Mum

Who is the best mum in the world.

From: Victoria Sinani

My Mum

Because she deserves it!

From: Hannah Anderson-Baker

My friend jo

She been my best friend and through the sadness of looking after her son Matthew who had muscular dystrophy and died at 21 year old always manages to smile and put everyone before herself would love her to win and have so me time

From: Bernadette Concannon

My mum, Julie

My mum is AMAZING. She is talented, beautiful, nurturing and very loved. Her duties as a self-proclaimed 'domestic goddess' do not end. She is rushed off her feet EVERY single day; school run, 'taxi service', doctors run. She does everything at home, cleaning, cooking, ironing. I'd love mum to win; I love her so much, she's been through SO much and deserves to unwind. Really inspirational woman. X

From: Madison Perkins

My best friend Loksmi

My very good friend, has recently suffered the loss of both her parents and shes always been a good friend to me and always puts others first, she never takes time for herself.

From: Deepa Graham

My daughter Kayleigh Louise

Becasue with two children aged 6 & 2 she works soo hard and seems to survive on 5 hours sleep a night so would love win this spa break for her x


My mother

When I was a child due to my mums drug addiction, I spent my childhood in foster homes, children's homes and boarding school. but, she has turned her life around in a truly inspirational way. She works now with homeless vulnerable adults and she's always there for me and my 2 children, she helps out in any way she can even though she lives 3 hours away.

From: Emma Norry

My Wife

Because she is 6 months pregnant and it would be great to give her something back, plus, she has to put up with me!!

From: Pete Keighley

My Mum Josie

She does so much for me as a carer and i love her to bits.Mum's work so hard all year round and that christmas ad on tv where the mum just sits down and then someone asks what's for tea!.It sums up and makes u realise just how much they selflessly do.

From: Lisa Day

My lovely Lee

Just for being a super-duper Dad to Dexter (2) and Felix (6 months). For working so hard and being so always-tired, yet remaining so cheery... even when the rest of us are no fun at all at the end of the day. Our mister sunshine!

From: aviva leeman

My Mum, Sharron Wildman

Thank you for giving me so much support during the last few years, you always made sure I never gave up and saw the best in myself and others. I am who I am today because of you and all your encouragement. I love you always.

From: Laura Smith

My friend Sarah!

Where would I be without her? She is the everyday dose of common sense that I need and wildly funny. She always knows the right thing to say and makes me feel comfortable being me. There's not many friends like her, but she's mine- you can't have her!

From: Elizabeth Jeffrey

my mum

my mum has had a very different year this year and has always done loads for me, i just want to tell her i love her and thank you for everything

From: maria katherine ruinoff

My Best Friend - Pam

She was my birthing partner through a very difficult and long labour. She sat by my bedside for the whole 3 days, offering comfort, kind words, assistance and practical advice in a very stressful and traumatic time. She has a family of her own to worry about, and her mum is very ill, but for those 3 days she was my guardian angel. I could not ask for a better friend.

From: Nicola Evans

My lovely mum

My mum has always been my best friend but when I was misdiagnosed with cancer earlier this year she was not only the biggest support I could ask for but she made sure I didn't get upset. She was a force to be reckoned with and got my results much earlier than expected, whist keeping the rest of the family going and running her newly started business. She's the most amazing person I know. ILY MUM x

From: georgia cranwell

MY Naighbour

shes been so kind and gave me some cat food n litter she no longer needed for my cat shes a very lovley lady

From: caroline bartholomew

Katherine Penton

My lovely beautiful daughter Katherine who is my best friend, the best mother to her 3 children, and although he probably doesn't know it, is the best wife & DIY expert her husband could wish for

From: Katherine Penton

my best friend Claire

we have both recently become mums (within weeks of each other she has been a great source of support and it would be lovely to enjoy some mums only pamper time!

From: emma cornwall

My Sister

After having a horrible time the last few years she deserves it. She has lost her business due to the recession, had breast cancer, our Mother and Nephew have both died and now she faces a hysterectomy due to more ill health. She has remained strong through all of this and always puts other people first. She is a true inspiration and I am extremely proud of her.

From: Tina Watts

My mum

She's always there for me through difficult times. She always cheers me up.

From: Fiona Matters

My Friend Louise

My friend Louise because she's been through a horrible divorce, moved house and started college in the space of 6 months and she's still smiling.

From: Louise Mathema

my mum

she has been through a lot, she had a 10 kilo tumour removed from her ovary and lost fallopian tubes she really deserves some pampering

From: eden Ellis

my best friend jade

me and jade have been best friends for 18 years in the last 2 years we have both had babies, she's moved house, works part time and is doing a psychology training course to better herself. She does alot for everybody else and deserves a treat that is just for her. She is an amazing friend and mum

From: jessica newman

My sister Janet

My sister Janet has always remained cheerful and upbeat this year despite being in a horrible house fire and losing so much stuff as well as her little cat. She has put all her energies into fund raising for cancer and made over £3000...inspirational.

From: Alison Turner

My Mum

My mum - diagnosed with cancer the very day my DS was born (2 years ago)- and she didn't tell me for weeks, in case of post natal depression. Throughout the radio & chemo she was always cheerful and helpful, never once complaining, giving me invaluable tips & hints so needed with your first newborn! Even when she lost her hair & felt rough and exhausted, sometimes too tired to hold my DS she put on a brave face (and her hair was so lovely). Thankfully she has made it out the other side, has hair as beautiful (if not more so), and celebrates my DS birthday with relish!!! During that time my dad was made redundant, twice & my younger brother has emigrated to Australia, and she is helping her sister cope with the fact that her husband has terminal cancer! She has had one hell of a couple of years but is still the funniest, helpfulist, compassionate mum nanny & best friend ever, an absolute Supermum - I just hope I could be like her in these circumstances!!

From: Yve Tyrrell

My Mum

Your mum is the person you owe so much to and mine is no exception. She brought my brother and I up alone in the 60's when that was not the norm and we grew up knowing right from wrong and have a her values and morals.

From: Karen Lau

my mum

Because she is my wonderful mum whom I dearly love xx

From: Tanya Simpson

My Sister Poppadom

Poppy is just the best sister I could have hoped for, I've had my fair share of teenage drama whilst Poppy(Poppadom) has been there to talk me through and give me her full support. Poppy is soon to be going to university and I just really wish to show her my gratitude and love for her helping me through the most miserable time of my life before she goes away to lead her own life.

From: Saffron Hooton

Michaela Hamby

she is my world - my best friend & I would give my life for her

From: pamela hamby

My wife

My wife is always there for friends and relatives

From: Kenneth Nash

Diane Grinham

Diane has been the bestest friend ever. She has been by my side through all my difficult periods. She stayed with me throughout my horrendous 24 hr labour with my son and supported and helped me as Im a single parent. She supports, encourages and listens she is an absolute marvel. :)

From: hayley stock

my partner

because he makes my life pink and fluffy!

From: katrina whyman

My mum

THANKS MUM! She's amazing and helped me through so many medical issues, uni issues and is always there for me! Time she had some pampering

From: Elaine Mullarkey

My Friend Michelle

She has had a rough couple of years, pneumonia, looking after her mum until she sadly passed away and all that whilst being a fab mum to 3 crazy boys. She is a great friend and has been looking after me and helping with my kids whilst I have been poorly. I couldn't ask for a truer friend - and one who is in need of some serious pampering to unwind and relax.

From: Jane Brown

My sister Lucy

My lovely sister has turned 21 this year. she was born with 2 holes in her heart and a leaky valve and had open heart surgery as a baby. Unfortunately now she needs to have the valve replaced and has been told if she has the metal valve she will not be able to have children and will be on meds for the rest of her life. She has to have the op within 6 months so she deserves a treat.


my sister

because shes amazing

From: halima bana

My sister, Twig

Because I know it's tough going back to work, in November, when you could be spending time with my lovely nephew Leo !

From: Moore Flannery

My friend Erica

We're both mummies-to-be and she's helped me through the ups and downs of pregnancy....She'll definitely need a spa break very soon!

From: Thea McIntosh

My sister

she's brilliant, always there to help me out practically (and financially!) and always supports and helps babysit with love and enthusiasm. She's generous to a fault and works hard and is always rushing round and putting other's before herself.

From: Claire Sherwin

My Mum

For all the love and support she has given to us all over the years.

From: Gill Lowe

My Mum

Because she is so generous, patient & kind. If I can be even half the mum to my kids that she has been to me then I will be happy

From: Joanne Davis

My friend Rita

She's an amazing friend who is always there for you if you need her. A massive support, funny, clever, kind, thoughtful - she goes above and beyond what you thought you'd want from a friend..I'm so glad she's my great mate.

From: Rebecca Clinton

My best friend

She is full of life and always sharing and including people in her plans and activities

From: Anne Nash

My Mum

Because she is and has always been here for me, for us. She sacrificed everything for us and I know she will always be here for me if anything. Not only she has helped me the woman and mother I am today, but she also is a confident, a friend, and one of the person I espect most. She also is a great grandma for my kids and I am very thankful for her.

From: Marie Cordonnier


because he is so cute

From: June Gee

Liz Latcham

MY mum is amazing- not only does she help me out with her time, her generosity and her guidnace, both for me and my family, she always has time for everyone else too. She is not always appreciated as she should be, especially by other family members, so deserves a treat!

From: Sarah Bull

My Mum

She is very patient and kind and I love her to bits x

From: emily Asher

Dhaksha Purbhoo

because I love her to bits

From: Sean Hoggard

my mammy

She has always been there for me, through difficult and good times. And now she is being a fantastic Mam-gu (Nan) to my baby boy!....Id love to win this prize to thank her for all she does <3

From: Emma Williams

My best friend Jo

Always there day or night.

From: Marilla Elliott-Morris

MY Sister Angela

Despite struggling for money and loosing are elder sister last month she has still helped the rest of the family out.

From: Isobel Gibbons

My Mum

My mum has stood by me through thick and thin, she went through an abusive marriage with my father when i was a baby and then brought me up on her own. She has supported me through major depression, anxiety and phobias in my teens. Mum always put me first when growing up and very worked hard having numerous jobs at a time to do the best she could for us. Thank you mum for everything. xxx

From: Kirsty Jenkins

my sister

She has been a rock for me when i had just had my baby and my husband decided he didn't want anything to do with the child. She has helped me with everything and just recently helped organise my son's first birthday party. Thank you sis.

From: had choudury


I would like to nominate my lovely husband for being good to me for the past 30 years.

From: Victoria Ashley

My Mum

My mummy is a single mum and works very hard to give me a good life. She has been single since I was born. We moved to London 4.5 years ago when my Nan died of cancer. We don't have any family here, still she moved to London with me, worked hard to get where we are today.

From: Kiran Singh

my friend Sarah

We spent six months in hospital together during 2011, we have supported each other through emotional difficult times and our friendship still continues to this day. I would like to nominate Sarah as through my darkest times she has always been a shinning light.

From: Lindsay Seels

My Big Sister Laura

I want to say a big thank you to my sister Laura who always looks out for me. She has just moved into her first house with her boyfriend and has already sorted out the spare room just so I can visit! It is always lots of fun when we are together and we have definitely grown up to be great friends!

From: Jessica Ambler

my mum

for always being there

From: Claire Quigley

Claire Toplis

Claire is a great friend who can always make me laugh. The highlight of the summer was attending the opening ceremony of the Paralympics with her. Thank you for your company, Claire.

From: Jane Willis

My daughter Jenny

Jenny is a wonderful thoughtful daughter and has given us a beautiful grandson. She works very hard and deserves to be pampered.

From: Sylvia Wright

my youngest daughter KIRSTY

who has taught us that being ALIVE is the most precious thing any of us will possess . She had a double lung transplant and even when told she has chronic rejection faces every day with a big smile which she radiates to all who meet her .TO ME SHE IS that SPECIAL NO.1

From: annette geddes



From: margy pellegrino

my grandson

because he is great

From: June Gee

My husband Mike,

because he is always amazingly supportive, but even more so in the last few weeks when I heard I am being made redundant. xxx

From: Fiona Jeffrey

my husband

He is so loving and kind and would love some pampering - he certainly deserves it.

From: Alison Bruce

My niece Emma

She is always putting herself out to help me no matter what problems she has

From: Ann Richards

my sister

because she is always there to support me and her family and doesn't spend enough time on herself

From: kate knight

My husband

For putting up with all my moaning and whingeing

From: Rebecca Boucher

my girlfriend

because she always thinks of others first, right now she's making a delicious lunch for both of us and this morning she sorted out some old coats to donate to Shelter for homeless people to use in the cold weather. A star all round!

From: Frauke Oe

My sister Christine

My sister Christine because she has always been there for me and other members of my family.


Ann Reilly

My mama.....She has been there, every step of the way for me and my two children. Husband died, lost my business, had to move home, son diagnoised with ADHD and dyslexia, daughter has CRPS. This would be an amazing gift to her. xxx

From: lesley greasley


Thankyou xxx

From: lesley greasley

My Super Mum!

My Mum is my Special Number 1. Throughout my difficult pregnancy, traumatic birth, long recovery and Post Natal Depression, she was there. She understood, never judged and always knew what to say and do to make things better. She helped me get used to and enjoy being a Mum. I would not have coped without her and she did all this whilst helping her own mother who was ill.

From: Nicola Simmons

my best friend

I nominate my best friend Vicki for being totally supportive, non judgemental, honest, caring and making me laugh so much that I have 'little accidents', what a mate!!

From: jacqueline barber

my mum

For a lifetime of support, encouragement and love! thanks Mum! love Laila.xxx

From: laila fazluddin




Ciona Gharabally

for being a fab twin sister and always being there when i need her x

From: Cheryll Hastie

My wonderful friend Carly

Because she has stuck with me through thick and thin, she has made me laugh when I'm feeling down and given me unconditional support whenever I've contacted her in a total mess! Thank you Carly Marie. You are my rock!

From: Rita Newman

Vanessa Eden

My mummy works hard all day helping animals for a charity. When she comes home she is tired but cooks us tea and makes us laugh. Piers aged 11, Francesca age 11 and Raphaella age 9. We love you mummy.

From: Francesca Eden

Clayton Jones

He is the best dad and husband ever. He works full time shifts but on his days off he does the housework, weekly shopping and picks the kids up from school to help me out and give me some me time so I don't have to rush about. We are very lucky to have him.

From: rachel jones

My wife, Sue

We first met at pre-school, when she pulled my hair.. and ever since then, when I turn round, she's there! Well... we've gathered momentum, friends, kids and careers...our love and deep friendship has grown through the years. When your wife is your best friend you'll find as I do...that whatever life throws at you - you'll see it through.

From: Trevor Sherman

My Wife and Friend. Susan

My wife, my friend. She is a true inspiration to the patients, siblings and staff at the Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital. She helps children through the most traumatic treatments you can imagine. She organises fun events for them to allow some normality in their lives. She is also an amazing Mum. She supported me through and out the other end of redundancy. Always with a smile and a hug.

From: Gareth Fairclough

My best friend Sandie

Sandie is the most selfless person I know. Nothing is too much trouble for her & I couldn't cope without her friendship & help. She always has a smile on her face, a song in her heart & a big hug for anyone who needs it

From: liz denial

Nicola Bradley

A wonderful Daughter, Wife and Mum who juggles everything, & so deserves a lovely spa treat.

From: Jo Jones

my daughter

as she is also my best friend, fashion advisor, and a wonderful daughter.

From: julie booth

My daughter

She supported me through my depression, but not only me but my husband and younger daughter. Not easy for anyone and she was only 18. She is one in a million.

From: Deborah Munn


I love you so much, you have been so brave with what has been thrown at you the last year x

From: Victoria Riggs

My Mum

Thank you for teaching me so much. Giving me a love of learning and thinking about the world and a love and appreciation of music, the arts. You are a carer and enjoy helping people and I think it's time to to receive something yourself.

From: Jill Kwan

My daughter

great competition

From: Maggie Coates

my sister

She is amazing and always there for me, she is a great Mum and fab Auntie to my girls.

From: karen slattery

my husband

he looks after me, so i can look after our autistic children :)

From: claire thomson

My Mrs

Because she's cool

From: Dan Sharp

My cousin

Because she turns 40 next week and is super excited about it. She works really hard in her job as a solicitor and has 4 young children who she still has to go home and look after as well as demanding in laws!

From: Angela Sandhu

My husband

He makes me feel loved and secure, all he wants from me is to love him and care for him.

From: Yasmin Mohammed

My Best Friend, Tracey Belcher (the sister I never had)

. We have only known each other a year/met once but she has been the best friend a person could wish for. She has been there through all my trials & tribulations even when she is going through troubles of her own. She tells me what I need to know, not what she thinks I want to hear. She is an amazing person, not just to me but to others & I love her to bits!

From: Deborah Jeavons

My best friend

For always being there through my life's journey - the ups and the downs - and making sense of every problem I've thrown at you. Thank you : )

From: Sarah Antoniou

My sister

I nominate my sister. I live around 250 miles away and she has been there for my parents who are in their 80's, moreso over the last few months as Dad had an accident. She moved in with Mum whilst Dad was in hospital. She is coping remarkably well under the strain (has health issues of her own) and to be honest without her help Dad would have had to go into a nursing home to recuperate. He's now on the road to recovery and I feel it would not have been so soon had it not been for her help. She has also offered to help our aunt who has cancer, so that she won't have to spend her last days in a hospice. I know she will continue to be there for Mum when auntie's final day comes. It is such a comfort knowing that she is able to be there when I can't.

From: Jackie Attoe

My Husband

We have dated since the tender age of 14, we have been together for 32 years, married for 23 of those, have had 6 children together, we have been through good times, & lots of bad due to my daughters ill health, We have stood by each other through thick & thin,but he is & always will be my very best friend & Ill love him for always

From: tracy lucas

Bethany Fowler

For being a wonderful supportive daughter and to wish her all the best for her 18th Birthday!

From: Sarah Bell

Colleen Galley

Thank you for being a brilliant friend xxx

From: sarah pond

my husband

because right from day 1 when we married and our reception and honeymoon was cancelled as i took ill and he spent the afternoon and evening with doctors and hunting down medication. then caring for me for weeks before i was well enough again

From: wendy jamieson price

my husband

because he has always been there for me and is caring for me during a recent illness.

From: Cheryl Edwards

My mum

I've nominated my mum because she always looks after everyone else and does not take any time for herself. She cares for my Nanna who has severe dementia, looks after my younger brother and step dad and still finds time to do stuff for me too. She's a super mum and deserves a treat.

From: Lucy Roberts

My daughter-in-law

Thanks for letting me live with you for the last 12 months. I know I am not the easiest person to live with but you have the patience of a saint.

From: Alix Johnson

My mum

My mum has always been there for me through thick and thin! Since becoming a nana to my 16 week old son she has revelled in being a huge part of his life! I think my mum deserves a special day for everything she has done for me!

From: Sharon Worsley

My mum

I'd like to nominate my mum and take her for a spa day.

From: Karis Boone

My bestest bud

A friend and a half who's always been there even when life presenting its own challenges

From: Michelle Culmer

my daughter Jillian

For keeping her chin up through cervical cancer and a dvt whilst supporting me as her dad went through a kidney removal also due to cancer. Thankyou Jill.xx

From: susan hoey

My best friend

She is always there with a smile. No matter what is going on in her life she brightens up the day for others. She is so much fun to be around, a fantastic "aunty" to my children and always reminds me to make the best of every day.

From: Sarah Ellis

Michelle Millross

Michelle Millross is the most honest, loyal, moral and truly good person I have ever met. She stands up for those dear to her and will do anything for people she cares about.When I win my millions she will be the first one I share with. I LOVE HER MWAH X

From: samantha humbles

My friend Trudi Campan

Because she is always there for a chat or supporting cuppa, and she really deserves it. Things have been tough for her recently and I would love to show her she's appreciated.

From: Sally Lea

My Mum Sandra

my mum is a carer to her two parents one of which suffers from dementia, she is completly selfless and gets very little time to herself a bit of a pamper would do her the world of good.

From: clare shergold

My WIfe, ALyson

She's fabulous and gorgeous xx

From: David Hurst

My Mother Susanna

She is always there for us when we need her and never gets treated so she deserves a day out. With four grown daughters life can be dramatic and she always stays neutral and rides the storm until we are all friends again.

From: Leah russell

My wife caroline

I would like to nominate my wife Because she has stood by me through my years of addiction and through my recovery back to normal living.

From: Scott Walliss

my mum

my mum as she is always there for me through think and thin and it been a tough year but she stuck by me xx

From: gemma cushing

My mum

She has been at my side for every chemotherapy session, giving me strength all the way.

From: Chloe Rawson

My daughter

as she is working so hard to study to get into university while being a Mum

From: Ruth Tesdale

My Daughter Nia

Because she has been a great support to me an her sister, an she is such a hard worker she deserves a pampering break

From: ailinn gilroy

Billie Jean Footitt

Thankyou Billie Jean aka Mum for being you. My best friend and my mum, your a special lady indeed. You've been there for us all, still are and always will be. Miss not living close by. xxx

From: hayley footitt

My Wife Helen

She is truly the most wonderful person, making all those who's lives she touch feel happy and very very lucky. I question every day what I ever did without her in my world. Thank you for being you baby... I love you xxx

From: Emma Bennett

My best friend Yvonne Kidd

Yvonne is the most amazing friend I could ever wish for. I've had a harrowing year with 2 lots of chemo & 2 Bone marrow transplants. She is a constant rock, visiting me in London when I was in hospital, cheering me up, listening when I was down, offering to help with anything I needed when she also works full time and has 2 kids. I couldn't have got through it without her by my side.

From: Sally Veness

My mum

My number 1 is my amazing mum [smile] My dad has terminal cancer, currently in hospital after another chest infection and steroids iv to try and stop the bone cancer from paralysing him for the last few weeks/months of his life [sad] My mum is still working as there is not enough financial help for them, I have never heard her complain even once during the last 4 years that she has supported him through primary cancer, remission and then the dreaded secondary terminal cancer. Today for example she is working from 9am to 3pm as a career for the elderly, to then come home walk the dogs have a quick cuppa and off to the hospital until 8pm which is an hours drive in traffic. She has spent her life caring for others but never ever accepts help and is the most strongest wonderful person on the planet ( along with my lovely dad and husband [grin] ) Actually it doesn't matter if she doesn't win as its just nice to write it down and acknowledge how much I love her!!

From: Mechelle Prior

My mum

Because she works so hard, and still finds the time to do so much for me, my brothers, and her grandchildren, as well as for everyone else. She's always thinking of others and doing nice things for them and she gets so little thanks and recognition. I think she would deserve this treat more than anyone.

From: Emma Catlow

Patricia Wallace

Pat is my closest friend and is always there for me ...happy times and sad times! We have been friends since infants ..she is funny and witty and always makes me laugh...50 plus years of fun times...when i became in a wheelchair at 16 she was there for me and still is today...thank you Pat for being a wonderful solid friend and bringing smiles to my face....love you lots. xxx

From: geraldine strange

My friend Rachell

She's had a tough few months. Her father died suddenly just before she was about to start a tough new job and her daughter started school. She really deserves a treat and a break!

From: Sophie Cutner

Rae Lee

She's a rare treasure who makes me laugh, listens to the outpourings of my messy mind and will always be the closest friend in my life even though she's far away.

From: Amanda Thomson

My husband

I have a chronic illness and often use a wheelchair. There are times that I cannot even crawl to the bathroom but dh carries me to the toilet and back and unbelievably still finds me incredibly attractive. He lets me hide myself in him when im having an anxiety attack. When im screaming in pain, he rubs me, holds me, tells me funny stories and i know if he could take my pain, he would. He is my grounding. After losing my mum I felt lost and swimming in grief but he is there to carry me through. We face life together, he is my best friend and the most amazing daddy to out 2 wee boys. Our youngest son had meningitis and septicaemia when he was a few months old earlier this year. Dh made me laugh when he could see that I needed it and he unfailingly supported us all when ds being in hospital was taking its toll on my health. I'd give him anything in the world but it still wouldnt be enough to say thank you for loving me when I feel unloveable, for being a carer for me and for putting everyone in the world before yourself. If our sons are even half the man you are, then I'll be so proud

From: Helen Petticrew

my wonderful friend, Manou

Across the decades - whether 6 or 6,000 miles apart - our friendship has always been such a blessing!

From: Janey Heller

My mum

My mum has helped me when I have needed her, she never complains, and is always ready with a smile! She is very inspiring and such a strong person.

From: denise Mallinson

My big sister

Lorna has been so supportive through my pregnancy and the birth of my daughter. We had to spend the first fortnight in hospital due to complications and Lorna was in and out of the hospital to visit us and bring supplies. When we returned home she came to help by staying and doing night feeds as I was still recovering. She has been a huge support to me and my husband and a much loved auntie!

From: fiona main

my child's headteacher, Elisabeth Norris.

My number one person would be my child's headteacher. She is inspirational, hard working, dedicated to the children in the very large school they attend. She has time for everyone, easy to talk to, a fabulous role model for both the boys and girls and teaching staff. And she has just found out that her wonderful husband has cancer This lady has been so affected by cancer over the last two years and has lost friends and family to this terrible disease.

From: Joanna Nervi

My friend sarah

She is so lovely and always very generous, in the past year she has had to cope with a husband who nearly died from a brain bleed, a daughter who has had a heart operation and been diagnosed with Aspergers, another daughter who has also been diagonsed with s special need. she is always smiling, always cheerful and she is so beautiful.

From: Sophie Weld-Davies

My Hubby

For all the help and support he gave me when I was battling post natal depression, whilst he was suffering from depression himself

From: esther james

My mum

I would love to nominate my Mum. I had a really tough pregnancy and with a one year old to look after earlier in the year was very tough. My mum has been incredibly supportive and it's the little things that make a huge difference, always willing to wash up or iron despite hating both. She has helped sensitively without treading on my husband toes and yet making me feel so loved and special. My mum is an amazing inspiration to me and this year has been tough for her too not only helping me and my family but also coping with the deterioration of her mother with altziemers and facing redundancy head on. I only hope that I grow into being the amazing caring mother, daughter, grandparent that she is too.

From: Hannah Igoe

My mum

I would like to nominate my mum who after going through breast cancer and losing her hair now volunteers at her local hospital helping fit wigs for women who have lost their hair after chemotherapy.

From: Teresa Tait

My Friend Lara

Lara is a wonderful friend. She always puts others first. She is first to offer to take friends/neighbours to hospital appointments and the like, always considerate and there when you need her. BUT, most of all she is GREAT FUN! She really deserves bubbles both consumable and bathable!!!

From: Helen Cameron

Pat Wallace

Pat has been my friend since our infant days and gone on to be my closest friend. She is always there with a laugh and a joke to cheer me up if down and when i became in a wheelchair at 16 she still after all these years been a true and loyal friend..seeing me for who i am......many happy and great memories together....thank you Pat...love you lots. xxx

From: geraldine strange

My wife - Katy

She spent 11 weeks in hospital with placenta previa, thankfully giving birth to a healthy baby boy. She has managed to cope with pnd following the birth of both our children. She has managed very well despite all of these ups and downs...

From: Stuart Summers

My husband Suj

He's the most patient man I have ever met, not only does he deal with my frustrations calmly but treats everyone with amazing courtesy, going out of his way to help people on the tube to my frustration! Don't ever change!

From: Sabita Ramachandran

julie bedford

I'm nominating my friend Julie. We bacame friends when we were expecting our daughters at the same time. Sadly Julie has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and has just started chemo. She beat the same disease 5 years ago and i know she's strong enough to beat it again. I just want her to know she's an amazing woman and deserves some pampering

From: Lisa Bowen

My wonderful husband

My husband is amazingly supportive and works super hard to help me with our 2 year old and 6 month old boys. He always puts our needs before his own and looks after us all so well. He's my superstar!

From: Heidi Hartley

My husband NICK

He makes me smile and laugh when I'm missing my daughter who lives in Australia although he's been paralyzed from the chest down since he was 19 and has been in intensive care twice in the last 3 years with pneumonia and septicemia (touch and go), he never complains and I don't know what I'd do without him. Love you so much.xxxxx


My ex girlfriend Jemma

She has had a terrible last couple of months. Started with geting a new job, which meant moving cities. So she handed in her notice at her old job and went to find accomodation. After putting down her deposit, the new job management told her that she didn't have the job anymore due to not fitting in with requirements. So now she is left without a place to live or a job!

From: Uri Steinberg

my patner

ti amo per quello che sei e quello che fai

From: anna cascino



From: sarah cheshire

My sister

I've nominated my sister because no matter how much she is dealing with, in her work and personal life (and this past year has been a real humzinger for her), she always tried to focus on helping everyone else around her. She is a wonderful and supportive friend, a brilliant, fun and sparkling aunty for my children, my number 1 'cheerleader', and can always pick me up when I feel down.

From: Laura Joseph

My husband

I'd like to nominate my husband because he's my best friend, he's always been there for my during tough times and he always has a smile and joke to cheer me up when I need it.

From: Karen Williams

My sister

She is always there for me day or night, through highs and lows. She is amazing and I just want to say thank you and let her know I love her and miss her so much xxx

From: Louise Strange

My partner Lee.

My number 1 person would be my dp, we have been together nearly nine years and have had some rough times including 2 m/c's, his heart attacks and angina attacks, he lost his job due to his ill health and subsequent depression. However bad it's been he has supported me and been a wonderful dad to our 4 dd's. He drives me mad daily but he is the first person I turn to, he is my number 1.

From: Sophie Grint

My Mum

She's amazing, even being in a wheelchair since she was 16, nothing ever holds her back. Love you loads!! xxx

From: Darren Strange


my greatest friend who has been amazing over the last couple of months, looking after me when i needed her...a true friend who deserves some tlc! XOXOXOX

From: Sarah Kent


Bex has been my best friend since we went to primary school - over 30 years ago! We haven't been away together for so long - would be lovely to have a girly weekend! xxxxxxxxx

From: Lucy Lane


She's my lovely daughter!

From: Sarah James

My wife Hannah

She's just great!

From: John Smith

My best friend Laura

Laura, you've been such a good friend to me during this tough year - I couldn't have done it without you! X

From: Matilda Jones

My lovely mum!

My mum has been a rock since my little girl was born - a real support when I've needed help, advice and someone to help me clean the house! I think she deserves a real treat! Love you Mum! X

From: Emma Smith

my husband

Chris is such a terrific person ! He's can always make me laugh no matter how serious life gets ! He's an amazing stepdad and fantastic grandad !! I'd love to treat him to a lovely pamper !

From: christine taylor


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