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Pink Lady® apples work extra hard to reach you just the way you like them - fresh, naturally sweet and juicy! Becoming a Pink Lady® apple is a real honour, only awarded to the apples that can live up to the strictest criteria and guarantee consistent quality.

What makes a Pink Lady® apple so special?

Grown in the world's finest wine regions

Grown in the world's finest wine regions, Pink Lady® apples are the first apples to blossom and the last to be harvested. This extra time on the tree, a warm climate and the best possible soils allow Pink Lady® apples to develop their special blush and sweet crunch.

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Attention to detail

Pink Lady® apples' unique flavour and qualities are not an accident. The orientation of the tree rows, the positioning of the branches and the amount of greenery on the trees are carefully thought out so that our apples receive as many rays of sunshine as possible. They are also nurtured through the growing season and given just the right amount of water.

Harvesting the taste of sunshine

We leave Pink Lady® apples on the tree longer than any other apple. Our growers have to wait approximately 200 days until they can finally pick the fruits of their labour. The extra days of sunshine contribute to Pink Lady® apples unique characteristics.

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The pursuit of excellence

Only the best of the best are selected, hand picked, and rewarded with the Pink Lady® seal of approval. The pink heart-shaped sticker you find on every Pink Lady® apple is a symbol of its authenticity and guarantees a consistent quality throughout the year. So if you truly love the unique taste of Pink Lady® apples, go for the heart.

Remember, if your apples doesn't wear the Pink Lady® heart, it isn't a Pink Lady® apple.

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